Tuesday, October 4

TCX Hub WP Boots

TCX Hub WP Boots
New this Fall from TCX are the TCX Hub WP Boots. These new lightweight mid-calf boots are a touring rider’s dream come true.

Lighter weight and a shorter shaft equals all day comfort for the rider who really goes the distance. These boots are also lined with a fully waterproof liner and the soles are designed for maximum grip providing the stable and dry footing you are looking for. In addition to comfort, these boots will keep you protected with heel, toe and ankle inserts and reflective inserts in the rear of the boots as well.

TCX Hub WP Boots Review:

If you're the kind of rider who lays down serious miles and who needs a boot designed for endless adventures, the TCX Hub WP Boots exceed expectations when it comes to comfort and protection.

Allison G.

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