Thursday, December 1

AGV Corsa R Helmet

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When it comes to speedy, track-ready motorcycle helmets, it rarely gets better than the AGV Corsa. For years it has stood as a stellar option for high-end track enthusiasts and aggressive road-riders, and now it has been improved for the 2017 riding season. Dear World, welcome the new AGV Corsa R Helmet to the game!

AGV Corsa R Motorcycle HelmetClaiming a 29% reduction in noise over its predecessor, the Corsa R Helmet will stand as an even better on-road selection as it will work to minimize ear fatigue. Designed to be worn in a very aggressive riding position, the Corsa R has totally re-done its internal liner, added an emergency removal system, minimized the chin skirt, and refined the cheekpads in an attempt to further enhance the comfort and wearability of the lid. Additionally, a new Race 3 Visor with Pinlock 120(EVO), improved intake dispersion, and further refinement of the helmet’s aerodynamics all stand as updates to the 2017 edition of the AGV Corsa R. All of that, while retaining the exacting DNA and go-fast mentality of the original, is what sets the AGV Corsa R apart in the world of aggressive, tuck-ready motorcycle helmets.

AGV Corsa R Helmet Review:

Advancement is continual and resting on what created success previously will lead to futility in the future. Of this, AGV knows, and the improvements made to their AGV Corsa lineup stand as a statement.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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