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AGV Veloce S Helmet

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Taking lessons learned from their race thoroughbred helmets and applying them to the street, the AGV Veloce has long stood as one of the best on-road helmets in the Italian juggernaut’s lineup. For the 2017 riding season they have tweaked the formula, changed the name (slightly), and put a renewed focus into the long-range wearability of the the lid itself.

AGV Veloce S Motorcycle HelmetThe new AGV Veloce S Helmet is picking up right where the Veloce GT left off; the DNA of a race helmet, packaged into a road-ready option. Updates from the previous Veloce include changes to the liner such as emergency release pulls, noise defusing aspects, and reflective piping at the back. Additionally, the new Veloce S Helmet will feature the Q6 visor (previously of the Corsa) and Pinlock 70 in the box. As for the lightweight composite fiber, aramid, and carbon fiber shell that is both DOT & ECE certified, that will stay the same. So too with the external shell shape, internal head shape, and the face shield release mechanism. In all, it is a solid improvement to the Veloce that updates areas that were ready for it and retains some of the favorite aspects of its predecessor.

AGV Veloce S Helmet Review:

AGV is a cornerstone brand in the world of motorcycle helmets. The Veloce S stands as the culmination of decades of experience, thousands upon thousands of hours of innovation, and a whole lot of style!

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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