Friday, January 13

Dainese Assen Gloves

Do you fancy vintage motorcycles, but think protective gear has gotten better since the 70s?  Sure, those old helmets look cool, but they probably won't keep your noggin in one piece at the track.  Well, Dainese may have heard you - or maybe they just accidentally solved all your problems.
Dainese Assen Gloves Whatever the case, the new Dainese Assen Gloves bring you simple, vintage styling with all the track features you want out of a gauntlet glove.

Most vintage gloves sacrifice all but the most basic protective features in favor of looking cool, maaan.  Well, no more!  The new Assen Gloves from Dainese have hard knuckles, a full leather construction, and a shiny new CE rating.  No more will you have to choose between that period-correct pair of leather gloves and leaving your fingerprints on hot asphalt. The glove has stretch panels, even - comfort hasn't been overlooked.

In the end, the Assen gloves are simple, pure.  A stylish, protective glove at home on the street or track.  A working-man's sport glove, at home on any vintage bike or otherwise.


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