Friday, January 13

Dainese D-Frame Women's Jacket

If you live in a place where the temperatures are always perfect and the sunsets are always dazzling, you may not necessarily need a jacket that is perfect for temps in the 90s, where there’s enough humidity to make your hair stay curly… permanently. So, if you find yourself constantly riding in temperatures between the 50s and 70s, the Dainese D-Frame Women's Jacket is perfect… and so is the weather.. please take me with you!

Dainese D-Frame Women's JacketNew for Spring of 2017, the Dainese D-Frame Women's Jacket is the best companion for Spring and Fall riders (or anywhere that stays pretty moderate throughout the year). Shoutout to Dainese for not cutting any corners on the women’s jacket! It’s always a bummer when you realize the men’s jacket offers more protection or features, but that is not the case here!

Made of D-Synth 350 fabric, the sport-cut chassis is lightweight and protective. Elbows and shoulders come with removable CE-certified elbow and shoulder protectors, and the back is ready to accept any Dainese type G1 back protector; I recommend the new Dainese Pro Armor G Back Protector. Ventilation is minimal with two intake vents at the shoulders and exhaust vents near the bottom of the back, so again, this is not the best jacket if you are planning on riding in high heat. However, the full-sleeved thermal liner is a great companion for chilly mornings. The jacket does not come with any sort of waterproof liner so you’ll want to carry a separate rain jacket if you are expecting to ride in wet weather. I am a fan of zippered cuffs so I am glad to see them on this jacket, but I wish that Dainese put a bit more reflectivity on the arms of the jacket.

Dainese D-Frame Women's Jacket Review:

Overall, this will be a great addition to any commuter or day-tripper’s wardrobe that is looking for a lightweight jacket that can keep them protected without weighing them down. Let’s face it California, this jacket was made for you!


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