Thursday, February 9

Rokker Gentleman Racer Boots

Every year when the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride comes around I have the same conundrum: how does one extend their sartorial splendor through one's footwear without sacrificing safety for je ne sais quoi? Simply put, that Belstaff Trialmaster looks ridiculous with my Torque Out D1 Boots in White and Lava Red and fairs no better with Neon Yellow and Orange Sidi Crossfires...what's a Dapper Dan to do?

Rokker Gentleman Racer Boots
Big thanks to Rokker for bringing us the Rokker Gentleman Racer Boots and solving this issue. These boots are the perfect accompaniment to your tweed suit thanks to Rokker delivering their first Brogue riding boot. However, men of style are of dubious value if they are not also men of substance and these boots reflect that substance in their ankle, heel and toe protection, heavy-duty rubber
outsole, which is oil-resistant, anti-abrasion and non-slip, not to mention that they are handmade.

Rokker Gentleman Racer Boots Review:

So, if you found that the Rokker Urban Racer Boots were a touch to proletarian and want a boot that brings out the roguish brogue in you, here it is.


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