Thursday, February 9

Rokker Iron Selvage Jeans

If you fancy yourself a denim aficionado, I need not explain why Rokker jeans cost what they do. Most people will think you’re nuts for buying them anyway. So while it may not be news for your average citizen, the Rokker Iron Selvage and Rokker Iron Selvage Raw jeans bring about a welcome evolution, if not Revolution.  And for those breaking into the world of premium denim riding jeans, the Revolutions are another ball game worth watching.
Rokker Iron Selvage Jeans
The new Rokker Iron Selvage Jeans replace the Red Selvage and Red Selvage Slim, albeit in a roundabout away.  The Rokker Iron Selvage Raw Jeans are a bit roomier, with the expectation that they’ll stretch and shrink to fit you personally.  Back when men were men and blue jeans were made in the USA, that’s how they all came.  The non-raw Iron Selvage have a decent wash on them, so they arrive feeling broken-in.  As a result, they’re cut a little slimmer - particularly at the cuff, which is 3.5cm narrower.  Think slim, but not skinny.  Levi’s 511, but not 510.

Rokker Iron Selvage Jeans Review:

Besides the new cut and style, the new Iron Selvages aren’t much different than the outgoing Red Selvages.  You still get the Schoeller-Dynatec inner liner, good for 11 seconds of sliding.  It isn’t the thinnest and lightest material, but “thin” and “light” aren’t exactly what you need when you’re sliding down the asphalt on nothing but your bum. It’s wind and water resistant as well - double trouble!

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