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Arai DT-X Helmet

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There is a reason that they haven’t reinvented the wheel; it’s worked pretty well. Yeah, yeah, there have been updates over the years, but generally speaking, it is the same concept that gets improved upon over and over. When you do it right, you don’t need to change it up often. Such is the case when it comes to Arai and motorcycle helmets. They got it right a long time ago and have continued to build upon it since then.
Arai DT-X Motorcycle Helmet
The Arai DT-X Helmet is the latest in the long and storied lineup of premium motorcycle helmets from one of the best in the game. Designed to fit riders with an intermediate oval headshape, the DT-X brings together the best of Arai’s research and development with a price point that will have a bit less of an impact on your bank account. Though, that being said, it is still a lid that comes with an investment in the range of five Franklins and some change. But yeah, when compared to its contemporaries within the Arai lineup, it’s at least a bit more moderate. In looking at the features of the DT-X Helmet, it all comes down to premium, plush, and peripheral belting.

Arai DT-X Helmet Review:

As with all helmets rocking the Arai name, the DT-X is top-tier throughout and incorporates the design and manufacturing lessons that have been learned over decades at the forefront of innovation. With an outer shell that is constructed of a peripherally belted super complex laminate that is both lightweight and incredibly strong, the DT-X meets both DOT and SNELL 2015 standards while retaining a low profile. Additional features include cheek pads with the ability to be altered by 5mm on either side for a refined fit, an Eco Pure internal liner, and an all-new IC-5 top vent that works alongside a ventilation system that has been specially designed to perform in both the upright and tucked riding positions.

When you do something as well as Arai makes motorcycle helmets, you don’t need to change it up often. As such, the introduction of the DT-X Helmet is a pretty big deal, and well worth taking note of for riders of all styles and riding preferences.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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