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Dainese Mugello Leather Jacket

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The MotoGP experience is a wild one. Rocketing around the most famous tracks on the planet at speeds that would push most mortals’ eyes to the back of their skulls is just another day at the office for the racers who are skilled enough to reach this level of riding. Additionally skilled are the design teams who put together not only the motorcycles they ride, but the gear that they wear along the way. With the introduction of the Dainese Mugello Leather Jacket, riders are able to get their hands on the latter, even if the former is a bit out of reach.

Dainese Mugello Leather Motorcycle JacketWith the most advanced technologies for the track or the street incorporated into its design, the Mugello Jacket offers enthusiasts a taste of the expertise that comes from years of MotoGP experience. From the quick-release elbow sliders to the temperature-regulation capabilities that allow riders to perform their best, every millimeter of the Mugello jacket has been painstakingly engineered to be the best at going fast. At the same time, for riders who really want to cool off in the hot weather, the Dainese Mugello Perforated Leather Jacket offers an advanced airflow option that will vent even more air than the standard. Additional features of each jacket include an aerodynamic spoiler, pockets for chest and back protectors, and aluminum armor at the shoulders with Titanium armor at the elbows.

In the end, the Dainese Mugello Jacket is not going to be for everyone. It’s expensive. Like, really, really expensive. However, for the dedicated few who are in the market for a world-class motorcycle jacket with very few equals, this one should be front and center on the radar.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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