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Dainese Centauri Gore-Tex Boots

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At some point in the 2nd-century, Ptolemy looked to the sky and thought to himself, “self, that group of stars looks kind of like a centaur!” A few years later, Dainese looked to their feet and said to themselves, “selves, these boots are ridiculously rugged, kind of like a centaur!” In both cases, whether looking to the sky or the ground, they came to the same conclusion. Funny how that works, eh!?
Dainese Centauri Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots
The Dainese Centauri Gore-Tex Boots are designed for touring motorcyclists who are in search of the most ardently defended footwear in the Dainese lineup. From the aluminum buckles, to the robust padding at the inner ankle cups and thermoformed shin plate, every aspect of the Centauri Gore-Tex Boots have been designed to provide riders with a dependable, structured boot for the most rigorous of rides. The outer shell is constructed of full grain leather with a split grain inner leg that is backed by a Gore-Tex membrane for the best in material waterproofing and breathability. Long story short, the Centauri Gore-Tex Boots are true podium-toppers of the touring world.

Dainese Centauri Gore-Tex Boots Review

Whether you are a legendary thought leader in world history, or simply motorcyclists in search of a pair of boots that are as determined as you are, you can’t go wrong with the power of the centaur.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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