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Gerbing's Heated Gear Sizing Guides

With all motorcycle gear but especially with heated motorcycle gear, sizing is of utmost importance. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the heat being generated, the gear needs to fit snug and enough to maintain necessary temperatures passing to your body. To that end, we've shot a series of videos that details how to get the optimal fit when making the investment into Gerbing's Heated Gear. Most people seem to start out by getting either a Gerbing's Heated Jacket Liner or the Gerbing's Heated Glove Liners and then moving into the other gear options from there. We recommended starting off with the Gerbing's Dual Temperature Controller to afford down the road flexibility when more pieces of heated gear get added to your lineup.

First up is the Gerbing's Jacket Size Guide:

We cannot stress enough that the Jacket Liner should fit like a turtleneck. As with all motorcycle jacket sizings, the first and most important measurement is the chest which should be taken at the widest point while taking a deep breath. From there, a measurement needs to be taken from the center of the back of the neck to the wrist bone over the shoulder and around the back of the elbow to ensure proper sleeve length. Gerbing's Heated Jacket Liners come in a variety of sizes, including regular and long sleeve lengths in addition to half sizes (XS/SM, MD/LG, etc.) so there is truly a size to fit everyone.

Next is our Gerbing's Glove Size Guide:

Relatively straightforward, the sizing for Gerbing's Heated Gloves is similar to the sizing of most other gloves. Simply measure around the widest part of your hand using a soft tape measure and match the inches up to the size chart to find your correct sizing. Please note that there are two separate size charts for Gerbing's Gloves, one for the T5 and Nubuck Gloves, and another size chart for the G3 and Heated Liners. Be sure to fit your proper fit.

Our Gerbing's Pants Size Guide:

Gerbing's Heated Pant Liners are available in a multitude of sizes, from 2XS thru 3XL, with regular and tall sizes. To size them properly, it is two simple measurements. The first measurement is around the waist at the widest point of the hip bones. The second measurement is a belt-to-floor measurement to ensure proper length. This is the outseam, be sure to use this as you're sizing up rather than your traditional inseam or jeans-size measurement.

Finally, we have our quick review and Gerbing's Heated Insoles Guide:

Gerbing's Heated Insoles replace the sole that is already in your boot and offer a full Microwire heated construction that spans the entirety of the insole. The boot insoles also offer a 1/2" area around the edge that can be trimmed for the perfect fit inside of whatever boots you're wearing.

We hope that these guides take some of the mystery out of sizing for Heated Motorcycle Gear. Proper fit is crucial in maximizing the efficiency of your gear.

Keep it warm and keep it safe, winter riders.


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