Thursday, December 16

AGV Sport Brand Guide & Overview: 2011 Gear!

AGV Sport 2011 Gear is now shipping from and we're extremely impressed with the new line. AGV Sport is a brand that flies under the radar to a large degree. You don't see their name emblazoned on the back of Moto GP racers' suits, they don't spend millions of dollars sponsoring F1 racers. Instead, they focus on producing extremely high quality sport, street and race gear that comes in at very reasonable price points. From their all-season textile gear to their high-performance leather race suits and everything in between, 2011 AGV Sport gear has us very impressed with the level of quality and detail that goes into their gear.

Check out our AGV Sport Brand Overview and Guide below:

AGV Sport Tempest Jacket
AGV Sport produces high quality textile gear that is built for both street riding and sport touring. The AGV Sport Solare Jacket is a great example of a hot weather street and sport riding jacket that will flow a ton of air yet be protective for summertime motorcycling. On the sport touring side of things, the AGV Sport Tempest Jacket is a great choice with its all-season all-weather versatility thanks to a removable quilted thermal liner and waterproof breathable membrane. The aggressive street riding focus of the AGV Sport Laguna Textile Jacket mirrors its leather jacket and race suit counterparts in design and offers the highest degree of active street riding performance. For pants, the AGV Sport Telluride Pants match the Tempest's all-season all-weather performance while the AGV Sport Solare Pants are a great hot-weather option with their full mesh and ballistic nylon construction.

AGV Sport Monza Leather Jacket 

For leathers, AGV Sport designs gear for the track, the street, and the universal rider. The AGV Sport Laguna Race Suit is the one of two suits we've seen (the other being the AGV Sport Monza Race Suit) that features external titanium shoulder sliders at the $999 or lower price point. The feature set of the Laguna is on par with race suits from other manufacturers that are in the $1500+ price range. For leather jackets, the AGV Sport Laguna Leather Jacket and the AGV Sport Monza Leather Jacket are built for high-level track performance and aggressive street riding. On the more casual side of things, the AGV Sport Pella Leather Jacket is available in perf and non-perf versions and has a universal styling that will work for a Harley guy all the way through to a Ducati rider. The AGV Sport Willow Leather Pants are a great summer sport and track riding option as well. Many third-party tests have been conducted that pit AGV Sport leather and track gear against some of the premium European manufacturers. In those tests, AGV Sport consistently scores as high if not higher in safety and performance than brands that are producing gear that costs nearly double what AGV Sport gear does. Talk about bang for the buck.

We've done a ton of reviews of the AGV Sport Gear in the last week or so, all of which will be available in the very near future on RevZillaTV and at individual AGV Sport product pages at Stay tuned for all of these as we are extremely excited to be featuring AGV Sport gear at RevZilla.


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