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REV'IT! Tornado Jacket & Tornado Pants Review

REV'IT! was faced with a tough task with one particular piece in their lineup this year. How do you take a bombproof hot weather outfit and modify it to have even higher levels of functionality? The REV'IT! Turbine Jacket and Pants outfit is immensely popular amongst riders seeking the breathability of mesh without sacrificing protective elements (and don't fret, it's still staying in the lineup). So REV'IT! said, why not borrow elements of the Turbine, but also add waterproof breathability and thermal qualities to stretch the seasonality? Out comes the REV'IT! Tornado Jacket and REV'IT! Tornado Pants, with arguably the most mesh of anything in the REV'IT! lineup and the added bonus of waterproofing. That's forward-thinking.

Watch our REV'IT! Tornado Jacket and Pants Review:

First off, this outfit is also available as the REV'IT! Women's Tornado Jacket and REV'IT! Women's Tornado Pants, with fit specific to a woman's curves and contours. That said, the Tornado is able to flow so much air not only by the size of the mesh panels, but by the size of the mesh weave itself. Both jacket and pants use PWRShell Mesh, a wider gauge mesh designed to allow more air in and exhaust more air out the back for supreme levels of airflow. So with the 2-in-1 liner system out, you won't find a better weapon against the sweltering nature of the summer months. Moving on to the liner, it is REV'IT's brand new 2-in-1 thermal liner and waterproof breathable membrane system, designed to keep you warm but also protected from all forms
of precipitation. It is also styled as a standalone destination layer and can be worn by itself as a windbreaker after the bike has been parked (the pants' liner, however, is not styled to be worn alone). All areas that are non-mesh in this outfit utilize 600D material for exceptional abrasion resistance. In the shoulder, elbow, and knee (which is height adjustable), there is CE Rated Knox Flexiform armor, Knox's brand new armor that is much more comfortable and ergonomic than previous versions of their armor. There is EVA foam padding in the hips and the foam back pad can be upgraded to the Knox TP2 CE Back Protector for added safety. Adding to the safety elements are the laminated reflective panels that can be found strategically placed throughout the garment for visibility.

There are also multiple comfort and ergonomic elements to this outfit. The collar is multi-adjustable and features a lockdown system to prevent flapping when riding with the collar open. It is also a moisture-wicking neoprene collar for maximum comfort levels around the neck when riding. There is elasticated stretch paneling above the elbows and above the knees for ease of motion as well. You've got multiple zones of adjustability in this outfit as well: at the waist and ankles in the pants, and at the cuffs, hips, and biceps in the jacket. Another great feature is the large entry zipper in the pants; both the liner and shell feature zippers on the inside of the leg that go all the way up to the thigh,
making getting them on and off extremely easy. With the liner out, they can even be worn as overpants. There is a connection zip on both jacket and pants to tie them together and make a full riding suit.

REV'IT! is constantly building upon designs and making improvements and changes where they see fit. The Tornado, an amalgamation of the Turbine, is another example of REV'IT!'s groundbreaking innovation.

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