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Troy Lee SE3 Helmet Review

Troy Lee SE3 Speedwing Helmet
The top-of-the-line dirt helmet from Troy Lee Designs is the Troy Lee SE3 Helmet. Packed with performance features and protective functionality, the SE3 is worn by premier professional MX riders. The Troy Lee SE-3 Helmet is a big step up over its predecessor, the SE2, in that it's made enormous strides in adding a great deal more ventilation and shaving a significant amount of weight to make it a more comfortable, ergonomic lid that will keep you cool in the most active of riding conditions. This helmet is a huge step forward for TLD.

Check out our Troy Lee SE3 Helmet Review:

Troy Lee SE3 Victory Helmet
Make no mistake about it, the SE3 lid is a super premium dirt helmet not built for the weekend warrior. This helmet is for the pros and the extremely enthusiastic riders who won't settle for anything less than the best. The shell is a blended weave of carbon fiber, kevlar and fiberglass and meets Snell 2010 and DOT certifications. The shell design and elimination of some of the bulk is what allowed them to shed 6.4oz (180 grams!) from the SE2 to the SE3. The EPS has also been completely redesigned and is now a dual density liner that significantly improves safety and impact protection. At the visor, titanium hardware is used for durability and represents another area of weight loss for this lid.

Troy Lee SE3 Pistonbone 3 Helmet
Airflow, airflow, airflow; everyone knows the significance of cooling the head when riding the dirt. The SE3 has redesigned the top scoop to suck more air into this helmet directly through the EPS and to the head. The mouthpiece has also been revamped for added airflow and brow vents have been expanded and now rush air directly through the EPS. Inside, they've added the functionality of a quick-release emergency cheek pad system in case of a severe crash. Both the comfort liner and cheek pads are fully removable and washable, made from multiple densities of foam for comfort and fit and lined with CoolMax antimicrobial moisture-wicking fabric. Helmet fit kits are also available separately for a customized fit.

Troy Lee SE3 McQueen Helmet
There is a fully removable and washable foam roost guard that can be cleaned whenever it gets extremely dirted up, and we know how quickly that happens. The visor can be easily adjusted on the fly with a glove-friendly titanium screw adjuster. There are convenient indents for speakers for a bluetooth communication system if you so choose. As a bonus, the Troy Lee SE 3 Helmet comes with a deluxe helmet bag, a spare color-matched visor, and TLD's three-year limited warranty. This helmet truly has all the high-end bells and whistles that you'd expect from an upper echelon dirt helmet from any brand and it will certainly go toe-to-toe with the top lids from all other manufacturers in the dirt world.

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