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Dainese Redgate Gloves Review

If you're looking for a full leather Dainese glove that fits into an aggressive sport and street riding style but don't want to go over the hundred dollar price point, the Dainese Redgate Glove is right up your alley. The Redgate was made to fit into the gap in the Dainese glove line-up between the higher end track gloves like the Dainese Pro Carbon Glove and the more street orientated Dainese RS-2 Glove. The Redgate glove is designed for the rider who is looking for a well-rounded glove for spirited sport riding and the occasional track day. Protection, comfort, styling, and price are the three aspects that really make this glove stand out.

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The protection the Redgate offers is solid for a leather glove in this price point. This glove has very well padded knuckles with hard carbon-fiber knuckle protectors. The index finger, middle finger, and ring fingers all get nicely padded inserts in the middle of each finger while the pinky finger gets an extra thick piece of leather for protection on the outside of the glove. The bottom outer part of the palm gets an extra piece of thick woven leather to protect the vulnerable outside of the hand in the case of a low side crash and slide. The full gauntlet makes sure that there will be no exposed skin where the glove meets the cuff of the riders jacket.

Another great aspect about this glove is the high amount of comfort. The inside of the glove is incredibility soft and comfortable. The leather is very soft and allows for very easy movement. The Redgate does not have that super aggressive and tight track cut that you find on many of their higher end racing gloves like the Dainese Steel Core Glove. There is a women's Dainese Redgate glove specifically cut to fit a female's hand. You can really tell by the comfort and how these gloves are cut that they are made for more spirited street riding and less aggressive track days.

The styling of the glove is absolutely gorgeous, just like almost all of Dainese's apparel. The black-white-red color scheme stands out especially well. Black-black-black is great for the riders out there who love the color black and the red and white color scheme is the typical Dainese style. Sizing goes from xs-xxl and pricing is set at the 100 dollar mark which means you're getting a good amount of value for an entry model full-cuff leather glove.

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