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Teknic SMT Gloves review

Teknic has always been able to step up and offer motorcycle gloves for a great value and without skimping on quality, protection, or style.  The Teknic SMT Gloves are Teknic's top of the line and most technical short cuff motorcycle gloves. They fit right into the aggressive street and sport riding market and the SMT glove is supposed to be the short cuff alternative to the Teknic Lightning Glove and offer many of the same benefits and features. This is a great choice for the rider looking for a short cuff glove that doesn't break the bank and doesn't making any sacrifices in safety or quality.

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What really makes this glove stand out is the amount of protection you're getting for less then 60 bucks.  The SMT has a full premium grade drum dyed cowhide construction with the same dual impact stitching that you see on the Teknic race gloves.  There's a large hard PVC knuckle that sits comfortably on the front of the hand. On lesser gloves the knuckle protector is stitched behind the glove making movement much more restricting but on the SMT it gets its own flap to make motion feel freer. Each digit except for the pinky has a set of PVC protectors which really give the glove a very aggressive style. Teknic knows the outside of the hand is a very vulnerable area in a low side crash. The pinky gets soft padding inserts that run all the way down the outside of the hand to the wrist and palm. There's also padding wrapping around the thumb and an extra piece of leather to hold the high impact areas together. The only possible way you can get more protection out of a glove is if you look at a full gauntlet glove to cover more of the wrist and forearm.

It's also worth mentioning that the SMT is very well styled and feels very comfortable. The stitching is very cleanly done and looks almost like they ran this glove through the same machine as their high-end Teknic Speedstar Gloves. There is a good amount of  precurve on the glove and movement feels very free and natural. The palm feels very comfortable and durable thanks to the Kevlar panel. For 54 bucks you're really getting one slick looking glove.

The only complaint I can possibly have against this glove is that the only color available is Black on Black. Other then that, This really is a great bang for the buck. Fit is fairly generous so if you're in between sizes you can normally get away going a size down. Sizes go from SM to double XXXL.

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