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Icon Tarmac Ventilated Boots, Icon Accelerant Waterproof Boots Review

ICON has gone to all lengths to offer a full line of motorcycle gear to fit almost every rider out there. Very few manufacturers offer the amount of gear ICON does. Anything from helmets to boots and everything in between, ICON has you covered.

The ICON Tarmac Ventilated Boots and the Icon Accelerant Waterproof Boots are two of the many great choices ICON offers in terms of motorcycle boots. The ICON Tarmac Ventilated boots are great for the summer rider looking to rock something that won't cook their feet when the temperatures rise to the triple digits. The Accelerant Waterproof boots are something that the everyday street rider can wear everyday, rain or shine.

Check out our video review of the ICON Accelerant Waterproof Boots:

The Accelerant Waterproof boot is a great choice for the rider looking for a boot that can go through almost any weather condition from Spring through Fall. The Accelerant boot is a mixture of leather and nylon to provide the optimum amount of protection, durability, and comfort. There's a steel shank in the sole to provide an extra amount of protection and to give the boot a little bit of extra stiffness and support. The buckle on the top of the boot offers more ankle support and protection while a hard ankle protector is sewn in to the inside of the boots. The laces are tucked into the boot to keep them from snagging or catching any parts of the bike either during a wreck or just in normal operation.

One of my favorite things about the ICON's Accelerant is that they don't just look like a pair of GI jack boots or like something you can pull out of a Storm Troopers closet. The Accelerant is a motorcycle boot styled like a standard work shoe. You can walk into the mall or grocery store while being comfortable and blending in. If you'er the rider looking for a boot that isn't styled from "Return of the Jedi" and need a boot for riding in everyday of the season then the Accelerant is a solid choice.

If ventilation is needed then check out our video review of the Icon Tarmac Ventilated Boots:

Basically the Tarmac is the ventilated version of the Accelerant boot. The Tarmac has ventilated panels going up both sides of the boot where the Accelerant has waterproof nylon panels. The Tarmac also loses the laces and instead has a set of Velcro enclosures and loses the buckle on the top of the boot. There's a little bit of a stiffer sole in the boot which adds protection in exchange for the all-day comfort of the Accelerant as they're not quite as easy to walk in.

It's actually really simple. If you're doing a lot of riding in the 90 degree heat then the Tarmac will probably be the best choice of boot. If you need more of an all-weather boot that can handle a wider range of temperatures, the Accelerant may be the better choice. No matter what you pick you're getting a good boot especially at the price of $125. Sizes go from 6 to 14 in both boots with black color schemes in both and a white color scheme available in the Tarmac.

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