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Alpinestars Jet Road Gore-Tex Gloves Review

One of Alpinestars newest cold weather sport gloves are the Alpinestars Jet Road Gore-Tex Gloves. Alpinestars has earned a reputation around the motorcycle community for creating great, high quality gear and these gloves further enhance their rep. This glove, with its very protective outer and comfortable inner, is meant for cold weather riding whether in rain, sleet, or snow.

First let's check out the Alpinestars Jet Road Gore-Tex Gloves Review:

As mentioned in the title, the Jet Roads do come with a Gore-Tex waterproof breathable liner which is guaranteed to keep your hands dry while riding by wicking away moisture and letting your hand breathe so that it doesn't get all clammy inside the glove. As with most European products, it is recommended to buy a size larger than your American size because of the standard tight fitting of the glove. The knuckle is made of carbon fiber which is both lightweight and durable to provide solid protection. The outer of the glove is primarily composed of leather and tough stretch textile mainly to beef it up but keep it comfortable at the same time. There is also clarino reinforcement on the glove to provide additional reinforcement for those more vulnerable and active parts of your hands such as the palm and your hand's outer side.

For flexibility, Alpinestars has included a stretch panel beneath the thumbs to give you that extra motion needed for your thumb. The palm is constructed primarily of leather and the aforementioned clarino reinforcement to give you that ample needed protection. There is silicone on the parts of your hand that hold the handlebars to provide extra grip and avoid your hands from slipping and sliding off the bars, especially in the wet weather. Additionally there is an added light micro fleece liner from your wrist on up to provide extra warmth when riding in colder weather.

All in all, these gloves are a top of the line product for cold weather riding and being engineered by Alpinestars, should instantly become a favorite amongst cold weather riders.

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