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Alpinestars Spring 2012 Gear - Gloves

Another riding season, another slew of new gear from Alpinestars that further solidifies their reputation as a leader in the motorcycle gear industry. In this write-up, we're going to focus on the new glove choices that are part of the Alpinestars Spring 2012 Gear lineup.

Alpinestars SP-2 Gloves (2012) - a redesign of the a long-running gauntlet in the AStars lineup, the Alpinestars SP-2 Gloves offer a lot of features and functionality at an extremely reasonable price point. A mix of goatskin leather (at the palm and fingers) and cowhide (at the backhand), these gloves provide tactile feel and a ton of protection. There is a hard part carbon main knuckle protector with foam inserts at the fingers and lateral side of the gauntlet. The 3rd-4th finger bridge that Alpinestars is known for also makes its way into this glove that offers huge bang for the buck.

Alpinestars SP-2 Gloves Review:

Alpinestars Octane-S Moto Gloves - a previous standout as a short cuff riding glove that could crossover from sport riding to supermoto, the new Octane-S has received a style upgrade but remains true to what it was in its previous life: a highly protective short cuff glove that will flow a ton of air and be extremely comfortable in all hot weather riding scenarios. A full-grain leather upper, hard part main knuckle armor, and large perf scheme are some of the standout features of the Alpinestars Octane S-Moto Gloves.

Alpinestars Octane-S Moto Gloves Review:

Alpinestars SP-X Gloves - one of the most protective short cuff sport-focused riding gloves in the AStars lineup has received a style makeover for 2012. The SP-X is a full goatskin leather construction with air mesh inserts to keep you cool and protected. Carbon fiber protectors are found at the main knuckle and three first fingers, all of which is backed by foam for added impact protection. Double layered leather can be found in key areas while the 3rd-4th finger bridge protects the pinky in impact.

Alpinestars SP-X Gloves Review:

The popular Alpinestars Scheme Kevlar Gloves from last year have gotten themselves an upgrade as we move into 2012. Rather than the denim of last year's model, the new Scheme Kevlars feature a Clarino, 3D mesh, PU and synthetic leather shell. There is still that great carbon fiber armor in addition to the Kevlar lining, but they've toned down the recklessness of the denim shell and made this into a more viable sport and touring option. Comfortable and protective, these gloves provide a ton of bang for the buck.

Alpinestars Scheme Kevlar Gloves Review:



Alpinestars Spring 2012 Gear Highlights
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Alpinestars GP Tech Air Jacket
Alpinestars SMX-3 Air Gloves
Alpinestars T-GP-R Air Jacket
Alpinestars Fastback WP Shoes
Alpinestars SMX Plus Gore-Tex Boots

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