Tuesday, January 24

Avon 3D Ultra Sport Supersport Xtreme Tire

The brand new Avon 3D Ultra Sport Front Tire and Avon 3D Ultra Sport Rear Tire utilizes some brand new technologies to produce a tire that will perform extremely well for the sport and supersport rider. Using brand new 3D sipes, there are three-dimensional interlocking points within the siping that improves overall grip and stability, reduces flex of the trea, and help the tire to get warm in a hurry. The Avon 3D Ultra Sport Tires are also using new belting that is a brand new design of wind-on-belt material on the rear tires, ultimately increasing the footprint size and overall grip.

Avon 3D Ultra Sportbike Tire Guide:

The Avon 3D Ultra Sport Tires are also using brand new Triple Extrusion tread compounds. Essentially, by using different rubber materials in strategic areas of the tires, Avon can use durable rubber in the center to extend the life of the tire with softer compounds on the shoulders to ensure a high degree of cornering grip. There is an additional compound used underneath that binds these together and keeps the tire from overheating which increases the lifespan.

We look forward to getting a look at these tires in the near future for a detailed breakdown and also are excited to put some track miles on these in the upcoming season.

These tires have a total of three versions. They are also available as the Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme Front Tires and Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme Rear Tires which are designed for track days only. Lastly, they are available as the Avon 3D Ultra Supersport Front Tire and the Avon 3D Ultra Supersport Rear Tire.


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