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Shoei Neotec Helmet Review

Brand new for 2012, the Shoei Neotec Helmet takes the concept of one of the most popular modular helmets on the market, the Multitec, refines and redesigns, adding features to produce what we see as one of the most super premium flip-up helmets on the market. Shoei absorbed all of the feedback from the motorcycle community who had been riding in the Multitec, figured out ways to improve upon it, and created a modular helmet that is extremely aerodynamic and vents a claimed 276% more air than its baby brother. The Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet is an absolute home run product and we can't wait to see how it is received by the riding community.

Check out our Shoei Neotec Helmet Review:

Starting off with the changes to the Shoei Neotec versus the Multitec, let's run them down in bullet form:

  • Retractable internal anti-fog and anti-scratch sun visor, with the smoothest mechanism we've seen, that provides ample coverage over the eyes and down the nose (an issue with some other drop-down sun shields).
  • Pinlock-ready CNS-1 shield, which is wider and taller than the Multitec's shield and includes a pinlock insert for fog-free riding.
  • New ventilation scheme with a redesigned top intake vent and a brand new rear exhaust vent. Redesigned channels within the EPS pull the air through and cool your head while riding.
  • Cheek pads and comfort liner are now fully removable and washable. 3D design of interior is more comfortable and contours around the chin for a tighter seal. Cheek pads now feature a notch to allow a better fit with eyeglasses.
  • Hinge mechanism is now on same axis as shield mechanism (Multitec had two separate hinges). This reduces the weight of the helmet and improves aerodynamics. In addition, the Neotec is using a 360ยบ locking system for the hinge, which is a stainless steel mechanism that essentially scissors around the post rather than the simple "J" mechanism used by other modulars.
  • The sealing of the shield has been improved, with a double sealing lip on the rubber gasket and a double ridge at the top of the shield, which will aid in noise and prevent any water from ever seeping into the helmet. 
  • Vortex generator lips have been added along the ridge of the flip up portion along the jaw. Shoei found that this ridge was creating wind noise and slight turbulence. To combat these ills, the vortex generators channel the air in a way that improves aerodynamics and directs the air away from the internal sun visor mechanism that was causing the source of the noise.
  • Removable cushioned ear pads for easy, seamless integration of bluetooth communication device.
  • Improved overall design of EPS. Most modulars reduce the amount of EPS at the top, front of the head to accommodate the drop-down visor. The
    Neotec has the same thickness of EPS in this area, as the drop-down visor has been incorporated into the shell. You'll notice a slight protrusion in this area which, in addition to housing the sun visor, also creates better airflow by forcing air into the top vent.
  • Three shell sizes as opposed to two shell sizes used by most modular helmets, including the Multitec.
  • Removable breath guard and chin curtain.
Beyond this enormous list of upgrades over the Multitec, the Shoei Neotec is using the AIM multi-composite shell construction, which is a five-ply shock-absorbing fiber shell. It is also using the standard Shoei multi-density EPS liner which provides ample impact protection. The chin vent has been redesigned and flows air directly to the face and shield. Both the internal sun visor and external shield feature full protection from harmful UV rays. 

The Neotec Helmet is an absolute home run. We are extremely pleased with the big steps forward that Shoei has taken with their new modular, and it is certain to continue their storied tradition of high-performance motorcycle 
helmets. Stay tuned for an opinion review once we've gotten our hands on one for a few thousand miles of riding. Check out the rest of our selections by visiting our modular motorcycle helmets page.



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