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Cardo Scala Rider G9 Review

The Cardo Scala Rider G9 is the latest addition to the Cardo family that includes significant updates from its predecessor the G4. One of the most innovative bluetooth communicators out there for motorcyclists, the G9 utilizes advanced technology that really packs a punch with all its great features. 

Check out our Cardo Scala Rider G9 Review:

Starting off with the construction of the device itself, you'll notice right off the bat the larger buttons on the console which provide for easier navigation while wearing gloves. This is a big advantage to those that want to have convenience while riding and don't feel like fiddling with their gloves as they try to talk to their moms or set up music. Another great thing about the design of the Cardo G9 is that it comes with two microphone options. You can use a boom microphone that wraps easily under and into the helmet or you can simply set up a wired low-profile microphone directly on your helmet if you're going to be using it over and over again. 

Now let's go into some of the technical features of the G9. The system allows for up to nine people at once to be paired together. This is great for those of you riding in larger packs, but the system only allows for up to four riders to be able to talk at once in conference mode. It comes with a solid talk time of 13 hours and a standby time of a week just like the G4. The G9 is also capable of making mobile phone conference calls that allows the caller and both the rider and passenger to talk. The pairing system is really a breeze because it uses flash technology where you simply bump or touch the devices together and they automatically sync to one another. One of the more interesting features I found was the ability to find other G9 users and set up social groups based on a location or riding group through the social networking options.  

Riders should be aware that the G9 system does come with all the great features of the G4 system, and if you currently own a G4 you can upgrade your current system to match the G9. Some of the features of the new G9 include A2DP and Mp3 connectivity for stereo music, a built in FM radio with RDS smart scan, a noise cancelling microphone for clear conversations, a weather and dust resistant design providing ultimate functionality, a range of up to 1.6km in normal terrain, and upgradeable firmware for any system updates Cardo may put out in the future. 

In the end, if you're looking for a good, large or small group bluetooth communicator the G9 will cover all your needs and deliver much more. The makers at Cardo keep updating their systems and each time we like the improvements we've seen and can honestly say you won't be disappointed with this investment.

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