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Interphone F5 Bluetooth 3.0 Intercom Review

The Interphone F5 Bluetooth 3.0 Intercom is the latest addition to the Interphone family and delivers a powerful package in comparison to its predecessor and competitors. What you're going to get is an Intercom system that provides great coverage and compatibility with a wide range of other Bluetooth devices.

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Designed to be used for motorcyclists who like to travel in either pairs or groups, the F5 provides excellent conference communication for over 6 users. A great selling point to the F5 is its compatibility with other devices. You'll be able to link up with other Interphone F5 users, your cell phone, a GPS Bluetooth navigator, stereo music through the FM radio, and IPods or other MP3 players thanks to the 3.5 mm jack hook up. A nice feature to the radio is that it will automatically mute when a phone call is received giving the rider the ability to listen to music, but still be in touch with the outside world while riding. You're also going to be able to save up to 8 stations in the F5's memory for easy access to all your favorite music.

The range for the intercom system is going to change depending on how many riders you have at once. With a full conference of 6 riders on 6 different motorcycles you'll have up to 1.49 miles of communication, but with only two riders in conference mode you're restricted to a little less than a mile. (At the bottom is a detailed chart that goes over the range of communication per rider.)

The F5 has Voice-Activated commands when using your mobile phone functions which enables you to call, answer, or reject without having to hassle with any buttons while on the move. This provides a lot of convenience for any rider who wants to have complete hands-free control over their communication system.

Some other key features to the F5 are the Bluetooth 3.0, it's installable on any helmet, includes software that can be updated through a computer as Interphone releases them in the future, and provides 11 hours of talk time with a standby time that lasts over 700 hours! The F5 itself only takes about three hours to charge completely and comes with a chargeable lithium battery and battery charger.

Available for sale as a Single Unit or a Twin Pack, the Interphone F5 offers a lot to riders looking for the best communication system.

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