Monday, April 9

Sena SMH10 v4.0 Communicator Firmware Upgrade

The newest version of one of the bestselling bluetooth communicators on the market has arrived, in the form of the Sena SMH10 v4.0. The SMH10 v4.0 integrated Bluetooth 3.0 technology, which boasts serious improvements over 2.0. We've seen the SMH10 be a home run amongst all kinds of riders, and the v4.0 upgrade is certain to continue its success.

Some notable feature upgrades for the Sena SMH10 v4.0 include:

  • four-way conference intercom - version v2.0 only allowed two-way conferencing
  • conference phone call via your cell phone with another intercom participant
  • voice prompts, enabling you to command actions
  • improved overall sound quality
 Riders currently using the Sena SMH10 v2.0 can also upgrade the firmware on Sena's website for free.

Another step forward from one of the most popular communicators in the game. Check out our Sena SMH10 Review:


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