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e-Tint AX-10 & MX-8 Tint Faceshield Insert Review

The e-Tint AX-10 & e-Tint MX-8 Tint Faceshield Inserts both offer great protection while riding from the glaring sun. Developed by the Air Force for use on Fighter Pilot Visors these LCD visor inserts are the world's first motorcycle insert that allows for electronic tint on demand. The difference between the two models is that the MX-8 is all manual, but for a little more the AX-10 comes with the ability to automatically adjust on and off with changing light scenarios.

Check out our  e-Tint AX-10 & e-Tint MX-8 Review:

The Tint system comes with 15 through 20 hours of usage time. You're only using power when the Tint is on and once the charge is used up the visor comes with a fail-safe that will revert it to the clear vision as opposed to leaving the tint up. This we found to be more ideal because you wouldn't want to be caught in a situation where your visor died in tinted mode near night time.

Diving into some of the construction and design of the e-Tint Inserts, you'll see that it is a two person installation. You're working with a thin LCD screen that will stick to your visor, but you have to be careful because any crinkle can damage the screen, but once it's on you're ready to rock and roll. The UV Protection is going to cut down on the sun's harsh glare and makes riding on a sunny day a breeze. The lithium battery is rechargeable through USB which it comes with. The system really couldn't be easier to operate. Simply click the one rubber button to turn the tint on or off. If you have the AX-10, you can just switch to the auto and let the visor take over for you.

Something riders should be aware of though is that this system will not work in all helmets. The MX-8 is not compatible specifically with the Arai, HJC RPS-10, and Shark Evoline helmets. The AX-10 is not compatible with the HJC RPS-10 or Shark Evoline, but you can order the AX-10 Arai for Arai helmets and the AX-10 Universal for all others. The HJC RPS-10 and Shark Evoline both use anti-fog coatings on their visors that actually reacts with the sticky side of the e-Tint making it unable to adhere to the helmet.

A thing to note about the AX-10's auto feature is that our riders did notice that it was a little sensitive and if you're riding through an area where sunlight is broken up such as through a forest or city the flickering of the tint turning on and off can become a bit distracting. If this happens, it's easily corrected by simply turning it to manual and either leaving it on or off as you see best. 

When it comes down to it, the e-Tint AX-10 & e-Tint MX-8 Tint Faceshield Inserts are very impressive and offer a solution to riders who don't feel like dealing with sunglasses or multiple visors. It's a purchase you'll find convenient every time you climb on your bike and the sun is glaring down on you.

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