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Dainese Dyno Pro Shoes Review

Fresh for 2012 we have the new Dainese Dyno Pro Shoes. A step above the Dainese Dyno Shoes, you'll see the investment Dainese really put into this upgrade. Dainese has a ton of shoes under their belt, but the Dyno Pro have to be one of the most technical riding shoes they've yet to release. Designed using elements derived from Dainese racing boots, the progressive technology used in these shorter riding shoes will be perfect whether you're riding down a winding mountain road or ripping your bike around town.

Check out our Dainese Dyno Pro Shoes Review:

Starting off with protection, you are getting a lot of bang out of your buck. This is where the Dyno Pro really outshines the original Dyno shoes. The Pro comes equipped with stainless steel hard parts that surround your ankle on strategic areas as well as a stainless steel slider along the front of the shoe at the toe. The Dyno Pros include a setscrew wrench which enables you to replace the steel toe slider. Although this is a shorter riding shoe, you're going to get a lot of protection up along your ankle towards your leg. Some other protective qualities the Pro comes equipped with are a TPU heel counter, a nylon heel, and a nylon toe. The exterior of the shoe is crafted out of Lorica, an artificial leather that's a lot tougher than traditional cowhide leather. Reflective inserts also line the shoe for visibility in night time riding. You really are getting a full circumference of protection with this shoe.

The inside is crafted out of a double jersey air gap liner which means you're getting comfort and temperature control that won't let your feet overheat. The Dyno Pros are also equipped with a speed lacing system that tucks the laces behind the big padded front of the shoe. This makes tightening the laces very convenient and will make sure they won't get caught up on any part of the motorcycle. The Dyno Pros utilize a race-derived non-slip sole that provides a great deal of technicality thanks to its differentiated design. 

Overall the Dainese Dyno Pro Shoe is for the sport rider who doesn't want a full height riding boot, but still wants total foot protection in an aggressive sport style. Offered in 4 color options and sizes ranging from 39-47 (Euro).

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Update: These have been replaced by the Dainese Dyno Pro C2B Shoes. Check out the updated video review below!

Dainese Dyno Pro C2B Shoes Review:

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