Friday, December 28

First Look: Schuberth C3 Pro

Over the past few years, Schuberth has taken the US modular helmet market by storm. Bringing their German engineering and legendary reputation Schuberth quickly rose as a premium option. This year, we have seen a few additional models begin to pop up, including the Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet.

The Schuberth C3 Pro is not a replacement to the original, but rather a premium version of the already premium helmet. There are four major improvements that are instantly recognizable. First, the new lip/spoiler, which improves upon the aerodynamics of the helmet. Second, the antenna that is made to work with the SRC system is now integrated into the helmet to further boost the range of the communications system. The vents have been updated to gulp down even more air, and the redeveloped interior promises a better fit and more comfortable ride. These upgrades come on top of all the features you would expect from a normal C3.

We hope to see this impressive jump in quality come in at only a small increase in price over the standard C3. Once we have these in our grubby paws, we will be sure to do a full ride report and bring you all the juicy details.

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Friday, December 21

Cool New Products From REV'IT!

While REV'IT! has always been one brand to consistently deliver cool products, some of the latest for Spring 2013 are cool in a different sense of the word. Cooling products have been around for a while, however, there aren't many options made specifically for the moto-world. REV'IT! has broken the ice with four products that will keep you truly cool, even in the hottest conditions.

The Hyperkewl material that REV'IT! is using works by evaporative cooling. Basically, the material is designed to store as much liquid as possible in a small area of fabric. As this water evaporates it cools the wearer, like a heat sync on a motor. In dry environments, this process happens quickly and most effectively. In humid environments, this process lasts longer, but is not as strong. In either case the average is about 6 hours.

The REV'IT! Fluid Cooling Neck Collar helps to cool your blood vessels in your neck, compensating for the heat that can gather in your helmet on hot days.

The REV'IT! Flux Cooling Wristband cools you at a place where arteries are most exposed, keeping your hands and arms cool. The wrist is an effective biological shortcut for adjusting the temperature of your entire body.

The REV'IT! Liquid Cooling Vest cools your core and works best under a highly ventilated mesh jacket.

The REV'IT! Challenger Cooling Vest Insert is designed to zip into any of the 2013 textile jackets from REV'IT!

To use any of these products, simply soak them in cold water for a few minutes and then put them on. As the saturated fabric begins to release water as water vapor (evaporation) it will take heat away from your body during this process.

From an ADV/Touring focused company such as REV'IT!, it is nice to see them pushing the boundaries both ways. We've seen plenty of products that will keep you warm in the coldest conditions, but now the same is true for staying cool in the heat.

For more 2013 REV'IT! products, visit

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New Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS & TA

For the true professional, or dedicated amateur MX or Enduro rider, SIDI will be producing the sequel to their Crossfire boots, simply named the SIDI Crossfire 2. The Crossfire 2 will come in the same two flavors as the previous version: The Crossfire 2 SRS and the Crossfire 2 TA.

If you haven't learned the distinction between SRS and TA, let me briefly explain. SRS stands for "Sole Replacement System." As the name implies, these SRS models feature a removable sole (using small screws) for a quick and easy replacement. The casual rider won't see the need for this very often, however a serious off-road adventurer will know that they put a lot of wear on their boots, making for a more frequent need to replace soles. In addition to the convenience, the SRS has a smaller footprint, making it less clunky and more precise when fishing for controls.

The SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS Boots come in a plethora of colors, including red/white/blue, white/orange, and black/grey/f.yellow. The SIDI Crossfire 2 TA Boots comes only in black, white, and white/black. Outside of the sole, both boots are identical in construction, showcasing SIDI's dual flex system. This dual position hinge gives proper mobility to the Crossfire 2 Boots while providing a rigid structure that prevents over or under extension of the ankle, as well as having anti-twist and ant-roll properties. Sparing no expense on protection, the heel is fashioned with a rigid, shock resistant heel piece that is ribbed to assist with upshifts made with the back of your foot.

Stay tuned for a video review, coming shortly. The Crossfire 2 is packed with details; an exciting reinvention from SIDI.

- ckZilla

SIDI Agueda Anticipated for Early 2013

SIDI has a particular talent in being able to run the gamut of boot genres without compromising their build quality.  From the same company that produces the Vortice and the On-Road GTX, we also get the Adventure Rain GTX. In early 2013 we will be getting an addition to the dirt genre as they introduce the SIDI Agueda Boots.

A high-calf boot with four adjustable buckles locks you in a sturdy shell of protection. The SIDI Agueda are assembled largely from replaceable bolt-on parts if anything breaks in competition. Its insole is nylon for support while still maintaining flex and a removable arch support provides an extra measure of comfort. On the inside, you'll be greeted with a plush cambrelle lining as well as an inner heat shield for when the going gets hot. The biggest plus for the Agueda is the use of SIDI's TA sole, which uses anti-skid rubber for excellent grip and carries the reputation of SIDI's excellent feel on your controls. Though not replaceable like the SRS boots, the TA sole can be replaced by a cobbler once exhausted.

Available in all black, or black/white, the SIDI Agueda boots promise to be an affordable option for the serious off-road rider.

- ckZilla

Thursday, December 20

TCX S-R1 Boot Revealed!

Completing the circuit with the sport genre, TCX has one more present to gift this season, though you can't unwrap it until Spring! Positioned between the S-Race and the S-Zero, the TCX S-R1 Boots work best as a light track day solution or hard-core sport bike choice.

Leading with protection, the S-R1 features the TCX Metatarsal Control System (or MCS). This limits the extremes to which your ankle can flex while maintaining a free-range of safe motion. Armor reinforcements appear at the heel, toe, shin, achilles, ankle, and instep as well as shifter pad and an alloy toe slider. Steel mesh intakes over the ankles force air through the boot keeping you cool over the scorching asphalt. In addition, the front is riddled with perforation as well as some extra padding for comfort. The TCX S-R1 come in black, white/black, a high contrast black and fluorescent yellow.

- ckZilla

TCX Dual-Sport Boot Release

The aspiring adventurer knows the importance of a heavy duty boot for off-road use. TCX has always excelled in this category, but they will be pushing the limits even further for 2013.

The TCX Track Boots are a high octane solution for an efficient price. Three heavy duty buckles and a high-calf fit give support for the challenges of the dirt. Though the Track boots are technically an entry level option for the category, don't forget that "entry level" for TCX includes complete protection at the shin, ankle, heel, toe, and instep. In addition, the aggressive sole and wear-resistant compound set this boot apart from being hardly entry level in quality and features.

For the seasoned adventurer, the TCX X-Desert Gore-Tex Boots offer a level of performance above and beyond what we have seen from the Italian boot maker to date. Using aluminum buckles, a more substantial PU heel protector and an ankle protector with a carbon-fibre finish, the X-Desert is one of those boots to geek-out on! Between the reinforcement throughout the shell and the durable GTX liner, this is an extremely strong boot, however, TCX has cleverly combined this with a flexible chassis through careful placement of materials and accordion stretch panels over the ankle and above the heel.

Whether its RawHyde Adventures or your gravel driveway, TCX supports your off-road endeavors in good form.

- ckZilla

New Waterproof TCX Boots!

Keeping in step as always, TCX will be releasing several new boots for 2013 as well as a few updates to previous models. Designed to sweep you off your feet, but engineered to keep your feet firmly planted, these three boots present a low, mid, and high calf option for the all-weather rider.

Leading with their best foot forward, TCX has taken the ever-popular Jupiter 2 shoe and re-worked it as the TCX Jupiter EVO Gore-Tex Boots. The most noticeable improvement comes from the TCX Comfort Fit System, which is a manual technique that allows the foot bed to be more faithfully reproduced off of an anatomical mold. Using Gore-Tex for waterproofing and supple, suede leather construction on the upper fabric, the Jupiter EVO should continue in the positive rhythm TCX has set for this line.

Also using the Comfort Fit System, the TCX X-Move Boots kick it up a notch providing protection that completely encloses the ankle. Using suede leather and Air Tech technology, the X-Move may sway you with its affordable comfort and functional design. Completed with a waterproof membrane and a wear-resistant sole, these stylish boots serve as a convenient crossover between casual wear and the moto-world.

Turning now to a higher boot, the TCX Explorer EVO Boots are made for long distance touring. Again, keeping comfort and fit at the forefront with the TCX Comfort Fit System, the Explorer EVO boots are guaranteed to keep you dry. A reinforced heel counter, malleolus protector, and shin protector, finish this boot with the tech specs that make it perform when you lose your balance. The accordion stretch panels across the front of the ankle as well as the micro fiber fabric make this an ideal choice for prolonged use.

In our experience, TCX tends to run a bit wide, making these boots an ideal solution for those with D or E width feet. In addition, their attention to comfort and fit make them a great choice all around.

- ckZilla

Michelin Power Super Sport Tire - First Look

For the committed racer or track day enthusiast, Michelin has always pulled ahead. Replacing the Power One as the new top shelf tire, the Michelin Power Super Sport tires should prove to be a competitive advantage.

Using Michelin's 2CT+ technology, an underlying harder compound supports the softer edge grip sections of the tire. This allows the grip to perform at its maximum without losing the rigid structure of a stronger tread. With only a 7.5% grooved tread ratio, the Michelin Power Super Sport Tires are the closest thing you'll find to a racing slick from Michelin that is still street legal. Using research and development from world endurance championship racing, Michelin aims to set the benchmark for longevity for the competition tire. In addition, they've engineered the side walls to be adaptable to various tire pressures allowing for a custom approach to the unique challenges of a particular track or temperature.

The Power Super Sport should be used sparingly on the street as the compound is designed for maximum grip in the smooth, controlled environments of a track. However, when used to their potential we expect to see them shine, giving riders more confidence and real results on the track.

- ckZilla

Michelin Pilot Power 3 new for 2013?

For the truly aggressive street rider or track day enthusiast, Michelin has been faithful with their Pilot Power and Power Pure tires over the recent years. Coming soon, speed freaks will be able to step up their game with the Michelin Pilot Power 3.

Most have experienced the 2CT compound by this point either from Michelin or through a similar technology from a competing brand. The advancement for the Pilot Power 3 tires comes with the 2CT+ compound. Essentially, this back the softer tread on the shoulder of the tire with a harder reinforcement. Though this added layer never becomes a contact patch, its placement enhances tread rigidity and cornering stability by giving more support to the shoulder of the tire, especially when accelerating out of turns. Now you'll have the stick and the stability to give it that extra bit of grunt on corner exit. Michelin touts this as a 4 second advantage over the previous Pilot Power 2CT tires.

The other upgrade built into the Pilot Power 3, is the all new wet grip compound, said to give a 4.5 second advantage over the 2CT tires in the wet. Combine this with the semi-slick tread design and an additional 20% treat life and you can see why Michelin is so proud of this latest iteration. The Michelin Pilot Power 3 Tires are aimed at the super sport street rider, who wants to spend his weekends at the track.

Check out the Michelin Pilot Power 3 detailed video review below:

- ckZilla

Michelin Anakee 3 Tire Announced

Anyone who rides dual sport is well acquainted with the Michelin Anakee tires. In 2013, we will be getting a new edition to the Anakee name.  By the looks of it, this will be a significant upgrade.

Michelin Anakee 3 Tire Review:

The first thing you need to know about the Michelin Anakee 3 is that it is unlike any dual sport tire you have seen before. With a similar 'shock and awe' value to the Michelin Pilot Road 3, the Anakee 3 is full of unique tread patterns and ground breaking tracking (pun intended). The grooves are cut in an asymmetrical way with rectangular detents interspersed along the deep sipes. This interruption of the sipe provides several additional edges in the tread that help to grip and break up dirt, not only by gaining traction, but also by encouraging evacuation of dirt and mud.

Every other groove extends all the way to the edge of the tire, providing that much needed edge grip without disturbing the flat portion used on the street. Upon closer inspection, each groove has what looks like teeth along the inside edge of the slice, further aiding grip and evacuation.

Michelin claims better grip in all conditions, wet, dirt, and asphalt, as well as a longer tread life. If this is true, then the Michelin Anakee 3 Tires could provide an easy solution for all types of road-biased dual-sport riders as one of the most versatile tires we have seen to date.

- ckZilla

Monday, December 10

New Shoei GT-Air Helmet for 2013

Released earlier this year in Europe, we are hoping to see the Shoei GT-Air make the trek across the Atlantic into the US next year, but have not yet received a formal announcement.

Incorporating many of the newer features found in the Shoei Neotec and the Shoei Qwest, the Shoei GT-Air Helmet is the latest option in the full-face category. The visor, ventilation, and AIM 5-layer shell make for a great combination of safety and comfort. Intentionally positioned at a more aggressive market, the GT-Air will keep you cool when you are burning it up on the street or the track. If you burn a little too much rubber, the emergency release cheekpads assist first responders in getting your helmet off safely and quickly. Although the updated profile and rear spoiler suggest a sport riding mentality, the excellent fit and finish of the GT-Air will likely find its way into the hands of the touring or cruising markets as well.

(Shoei GT-Air Wanderer pictured above in Matte Black, click here for a graphical overview of the GT-Air Wanderer Graphic)

Shoei GT-Air Helmet Review:
We'll keep the product page updated as we learn more details on availability and pricing for this sexy Shoei surprise.

- ckZilla

Shoei J-Cruise Helmet Preview

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to preview the Shoei J-Cruise Helmet that will be released in Europe in 2013. We hope to see this model in the US market next year, but are awaiting official confirmation.

 While Shoei has produced 3/4 helmets in the past, the Shoei J-Cruise Helmet is a breath of fresh air after a short hiatus in this class. Borrowing technology from the Qwest and the Neotec, the J-Cruise has an optimal ventilation system as well as an interior drop-down sun-visor, which does not compromise shell integrity. Building with superior fit and finish, Shoei will also have a full range of cheek pads and center pads that are fully removable, washable, and interchangeable. As the name implies, and its predecessor confirms, the J-Cruise will be a popular choice for the American V-Twin crowd, however, the sleek lines and improved aerodynamics make it a viable option for city riders or even sport-touring.

Shoei J-Cruise Helmet Review:

Stay tuned for updates on our product pages as we find out more about pricing and availability!

- ckZilla
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