Monday, January 12

REV'IT! Flatbush Vintage Jacket: Always Classy

Tony - Content Coordinator

There are few things out there which are cooler than a vintage leather jacket that shows 20 years of life in it. That feel. That look! It’s what the cafe culture is all about. With the original REV’IT! Flatbush jacket, the design allowed for this “break in” to happen quickly, compared to other leather jackets. For 2015, however, they have gone a step further.

REV'IT! Flatbush Vintage Leather Motorcycle JacketThe new REV'IT! Flatbush Vintage Leather Jacket adds to the classic style and cut by utilizing a vintage cowhide leather that will give it the retro, life-worn look from day one. No break-in time. No waiting a decade for that perfect look. As with the other top-end leather jackets from REV’IT!, the Flatbush Vintage jacket will also be safety stitched and come with SAS-TEC armor in the shoulders and elbows. This jacket finds a unique way to incorporate a time-long-past aura in its design and feel, while still offering contemporary riders the modern amenities and protection that the decades have improved upon.

Look, it’s a busy world. We have lots to do. The classic look is one that we definitely dig because… well… it’s classic. REV’IT! understands this and has brought their collective design talents to the forefront by offering a vintage jacket that requires minimal wear time to break in the way you want it to.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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