Thursday, July 7

Icon Airmada SpaceBassFace Helmet: Rock n' Roll n' Supernovas

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Every now and then a product, idea, or artistic endeavor comes along that just makes you stop in your tracks and be like “what did I just see?” When it comes to motorcycle helmets featuring out-of-this-world graphics, Icon has been behind many such moments. With their latest addition to the Airmada lineup of helmets, the attitude-aficionados from the Pacific Northwest have once again come to the table, ready to set the bar up… way, wayyyy up.

Icon Airmada SpaceBassFace HelmetWith the Icon Airmada SpaceBassFace Helmet, riders can hit terrestrial roads with a helmet that would make Disaster Area party-goers blush all the way back to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe! At home at any interstellar cantina, the SpaceBassFace Helmet is the kind of lid that not only can make the Kessel Run in record time, but also do so with unmistakable style. Featuring a space-traveling, bass-guitar-shredding rock band of ginormous, faceless, and radiation shrugging juggernauts, the Airmada SpaceBass Face is signature Icon in that it is a loud graphic that makes absolutely no sense… at all… not even a little bit… and that is FANTASTIC! The world (this one, Planet Earth) needs more weirdness for the sake of weirdness. More imagination. More supernova-level music mavens jamming out with their music loud and their motorcycles louder. In its own way, the new Icon Airmada Space Bass Face Helmet is supporting the cause.

Icon Airmada SpaceBassFace Helmet Review:

Turning heads is what Icon does. From industry-leading motorcycle functionality to outright off-the-wall designs, they are among the best in the business. The SpaceBassFace graphic on the Icon Airmada continues the legacy into the Fall of 2016.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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