Monday, August 1

Dainese Galvestone D2 Gore-Tex Pants: Very Good Things

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It’s one of the most overlooked pieces of motorcycle gear in any outfit. Everyone knows to wear a helmet. Everyone loves a good jacket. Gloves are just fun. Boots are worn because people don’t want to scuff up their kicks. However, aside from a pair of good motorcycle socks (don’t sleep on them, they are clutch), proper motorcycle pants are generally one of the last pieces that people consider. That is, until they take a spill on the highway and see their standard pants melt to nothing… or until they get caught in the rain and realize that water loves nothing more than to pool at the base of a motorcycle seat, thus creating for a cold, wet, and generally uncomfortable lower posterior section. With the Dainese Galvestone D2 Gore-Tex Pants, the solution is simple.

Designed to be a great do-all, stay warm, stay dry kind of motorcycle pants, the Dainese Galvestone D2 GTX Pants are as ardently defensed against the asphalt as they are against the weather. With a relatively low-key and understated design, the Galveston D2 Gore-Tex pants pack far more punch than their exterior might let on at first sight. From the Duratex fabric that has been used to create a rugged, durable, and abrasion-resistant outer shell, to the removable composite protectors that come at the knees, the Galvestone Pants can be relied on to provide riders with the type of functionality that they need when going after long mileage at highway speeds. At the same time, the inclusion of a Gore-Tex membrane, which is the best material waterproofing in the business, and a removable thermal liner, keeps the Galveston D2 Pants trekking along, undeterred, through inclement weather scenarios.

Additionally, for female riders, the Dainese Galvestone D2 Gore-Tex Women’s Pants provide the exact same level of robust features, yet they are crafted with a more feminine cut.

In the end, the Galvestone D2 and Women’s Galvestone D2 Gore-Tex Pants are all about one thing; getting riders where they are going comfortably, with motorcycle protection, and without soggy butts. All of which just about every rider out there can agree are good things.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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