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Olympia Durham, Richmond, and Sentry

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Multi-season riding, with protection, durability, and high-value. That is the Olympia way. In looking at their newest releases for Fall 2016, the Durham Jacket , Richmond Jacket, and Sentry Pants combo stand as great examples of their continued commitment to delivering on that ethos.

Olympia Durham Motorcycle JacketThe Olympia Durham Jacket is constructed from a 600D poly EVO base shell that has been reinforced in the high-impact areas with 1000D ballistic polyester. Underneath the outer shell, the Durham Jacket makes use of removable CE-approved protectors at the shoulders, elbows, and back for increased impact protection. When it comes to the weather, the Durham Jacket is equipped with a laminated waterproof membrane to repel water in its tracks. Additional features of the Olympia Durham include cool mesh internal lining for increased comfort, fold-back ventilation at the chest, upper arms, and back, as well as custom-fit detailing at the collar, cuffs, elbows, and waist.

Olympia Durham Jacket Review:

Olympia Richmond Motorcycle Jacket
If the Durham isn’t the right jacket for one’s needs, the Olympia Richmond Jacket is another option that is now available for the Fall of 2016. Cut with a bit more technical of a feel, the Richmond Jacket is Olympia’s next level of multisession touring as it provides comfort, protection, and features that get the job done, every season, every ride. From the seam-sealed Reissa membrane that adds high-quality waterproofing to the Richmond, to the six vent AVS (Adjustable Ventilation System), the Richmond is a jacket that is geared towards maximizing rider comfort in the saddle, through a wide-ranging array of climatic circumstances.

Olympia Richmond Jacket Review:

Olympia Sentry Motorcycle PantsTo complete the full-body ensemble, the Olympia Sentry Pants have been designed as the lower-torso counterpart to the Durham and Richmond jackets. As with both of its jacket counterparts, the Sentry pants come equipped with a 600D / 1000D outer shell, has a waterproof membrane, and rocks a cool mesh internal lining. They also feature YKK zippers, a relaxed tailored fit for comfort in the riding position, and an 8” connection zipper for seamless connection to Olympia jackets. Additionally, the Olympia Sentry Pants come with CE Motion Flex armor at the knees that can be adjusted for optimal fitment and coverage.

Olympia Sentry Pants Review:

With Olympia, you know what you are going to get. They focus on features, function, and value. The Durham, Richmond, and Sentry are three new examples of that mentality, and they provide a solid foundation for any rider in search of such criteria — which is a lot of riders.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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