Tuesday, March 8

Fox Racing 360 Vortex Jersey Review

If you think Fox Racing 360 Jerseys and Fox Racing 360 Pants just look good with their incredibly eye popping graphics then you have a lot to learn. The 360 Jersey and Pant combo is designed and put together for the hardcore Motocross racer; it is second-highest on the food chain at Fox Racing behind only the Fox Racing Platinum Jersey and Fox Racing Platinum Pants. This jersey and pant combo is head and shoulders over the past generation of 360 gear. Fox really listened to their feedback coming from both the older 360 design and the Fox Racing 180 Race Pants to make the Fox Racing 360 as outstanding as it is. Fox's new 360 jersey and pant are a great combo for when you're standing on the podium.

To start, Fox's new generation of 360 Jersey is lighter polyester with essentially a mesh panel on the back. This improves ventilation of the new 360 Jersey which is going to be a huge improvement for the motos that are going to be raced in 90 degree July heat or on the final lap when your body is simply oozing sweat. The new material is much more comfortable than the previous generations. They also put a moisture wicking rib collar to prevent that neck moisture from dripping down the rest of your body.

The fit of this jersey is very accommodating for wearing armor underneath or a chest protector over top. The elbows have light padding and extra thick material to prevent rips and tears in those areas of common impact and ripping. The back of the jersey is an incredibly 
lightweight mesh and is simply going to breathe a ton of air. The polyester mesh feels almost like there's nothing there since it breathes so well.

The pants are constructed of a 900D cordura, This is a very strong material, highly tear and rip resistant. It also is thick enough to give the rider a decent amount of protection from the elements. It's simply designed to take a ton of abuse from the rider without failing. The 360 pants also incorporate the quad yoke design to give the rider excellent mobility on and off the bike and to improve the overall comfort of the lower half of your body. It follows the rider very well without getting snagged or ripped and getting pulled around by the rider. The knees have plenty of room for a knee protector or brace and are also reinforced with stretch material 
to add strength and protection.

Just like the jersey, the pants were designed to flow much more air than the past year's model and the HC 180. There's more perforation in key areas of the pant and vent panels on the thighs, knees, and calves. At the back of the pant from the calves to the thighs, there are two large stretch panels that will aid in mobility, comfort, and also breathe a ton of air. Just like the HC-180 and the Platnium Fox race gear, the 360 uses Fox's RAP (Race Attack Position) design. This gives the rider an ergonomic fit when in that aggressive race stance. The design gives the rider a good fitting jersey and pants when on the bike in the race position.

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