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Fox Racing V3 Helmet Review

Fox Racing V3 Victory Helmet
Worn and developed by the pros, the Fox Racing V3 Helmet is easily one of the finest on the market. Built with a heavy amount of input from Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart (when he was still with Fox Racing), the V3 represents some of the finest innovation in the motocross world by being extraordinarily lightweight, ventilating and ergonomic. The Fox Racing V-3 Helmet is replete with signature features native only to the Fox Head line and should have a great deal of appeal to any pro racer or serious dirt riding enthusiast.

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Fox Racing V3 RC Monster Helmet
First off, let's talk about construction on this helmet. The Fox Racing V3 Carbon Helmet and the two V3 pro replicas is made up of a Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass blend, coming in right around 2.9lbs, translating to a lightweight lid that is extremely strong and resilient. The regular version of this helmet uses a similar construction, scales back slightly on the Carbon Fiber for money savings, but still hits the scale at an absurdly light 3.2lbs. This weave is extremely protective and combines with a multi-density EPS liner that has excellent shock absorbing properties to keep you safe in the event of a get-off in the dirt. The Fox V3 Helmet is both Snell & DOT certified.

Fox Racing V3 Vortex Helmet
Another huge factor for Ricky and Bubba was obviously ventilation since MX riding is so physically demanding and generally the riding is in warmer climates. Fox responded with a lid that packs 14 total vents that flow air into the triple-channel EPS liner. 10mm holes are drilled through the EPS and grooved channels encourage air to flow across the top of the head via the 10 intakes, sucking in cool air and exhausting the hot humid air and moisture out of the 4 exhaust vents at the back of the helmet. The design of the roost guard and chin vent is the classic Fox shape and the air flow that rushes through this region filters out all dirt and roost via the removable washable foam filter.

Fox Racing V3 Riot Helmet
Ricky and Bubba were also critical factors in the streamlined nature of this helmet. So many helps on the market feature that bubble effect towards the bottom where it bows out and looks like a cue ball. If you look at the V3 straight on, you'll see that the sides are streamlined and flush with the curve of the jaw; it functions better and honestly it looks cooler too. Inside, the multi-density foam cheek pads and comfort liner is CoolMax lined which means it is antimicrobial and moisture-wicking, pulling all the sweat away from the face and not allowing any bacteria to build in the fabric. All of the guts are completely and easily removable, making washing and keeping the guts clean a cinch.

Fox Racing V3 F Head X Race Helmet
The Fox V3 comes with a custom deluxe helmet bag and also includes a spare color-matched visor; odds are you'll break a visor at some point if you're an aggressive dirt rider. The visor is held in place by aluminum screws on either side and the aluminum center screw allows for easy visor adjustment with gloves on. There's a reason why the world's top MX and SX riders wear Fox Racing helmets: extensive research and design, the newest technological innovations, and some of the slickest designs on the market. Check out the Fox Racing V3 Ryan Dungey Rockstar Replica Helmet to see what last year's champ is wearing.

Fox Racing V3 Steel Faith Helmet
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