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Fox Racing F3R Boots Review

The pro-level Fox Racing F3R Boots are a huge upgrade over their predecessors, the F3 boots. There were a few major complaints regarding the F3s and Fox Racing addressed them in spades when they came out with their newest race-level boot. Huge issues were addressed, such as high levels of discomfort and extra-long break in time, in addition to problems stemming from the size of the toe box. Fox took all of these things into consideration in the R+D of the F3R and the results are noticeable from the first time you put the boot on.

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The major upgrade here is the brand new 3D Biomorphic Chassis used in the Fox F3R. Using a CAD machine, Fox engineered a one-piece three-dimensional chassis designed to match the contours of the human foot. It is a multiple-density plastic material that varies in thickness depending on the region of the foot and how much protection it requires. This allows the boot to be extremely protective and flexible at the same time with minimal break-in required. The entire exterior of the boot is full grain cowhide leather for the highest degree of abrasion resistance. TPU hard part armor can be found in the heel cup, at the medial and lateral malleolus, the shin, and at the back of the calf. A high level
of protection from impact to say the least.

Another big issue with the F3 was the height of the toe box as riders complained it was too big and therefore made it difficult to get true shifter lever feel. That is no longer an issue as the toe box has been lowered a full 12 millimeters. At the bottom, the Duratrak Outsole provides improved durability and then etched design allows for easy interfacing with the foot pegs no matter the position of the foot. The white colored midsole that you can see is a vibration dampening material designed for comfort and protection. The entire sole can be replaced as well which is a pretty huge deal since soles wear out over time while the chassis of the boot may still be in good shape. A cobbler can remove the metal toe cap and replace the sole for you.
A longevity extender, no doubt.

The closure system is a cam-lock inspired aluminum Pivot Lock buckle system that is extremely strong and secure for optimized support. The entire medial lower part of the boot, including a panel that wraps up to the toe box, is a grooved design that is extremely high grip. At the upper medial boot, there is a large suede heat shield to protect from the pipes. The nicest part here being the fact that this panel wraps over top and into the boot, so there is no weak seam along the entry that could easily come apart. Also at the boot entry is a rubberized panel that securely grips onto MX pants. As always, the details are what really shine through in any technical piece of apparel and the F3R boots are glutted with nuanced creature comforts.

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