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Troy Lee Air Helmet Review

Troy Lee Air Day in the Dirt Helmet
The little brother to the top-end pro-level SE3 helmet, the Troy Lee Air Helmet is a great choice for the weekend warrior and MX enthusiast. While it won't get you all the futuristic features of the SE3, the Air Helmet comes pretty darn close in safety features, aerodynamics, airflow and overall performance. Available in a multitude of graphics and colors, the TLD Air Helmet is a solid match for the Troy Lee GP Jersey and Pants set up. At this price point, it's going to be tough to find a lid that can match the state-of-the-art functionality that the Air brings to the table.

Check out our Troy Lee Air Helmet Review:

Troy Lee Air Medusa Helmet
Externally, the Troy Lee Air Helmet is a blended weave of carbon fiber, kevlar and fiberglass for exceptional strength, rigidity and impact resistance. The multi-density EPS liner furthers the ability to absorb an impact by dispersing energy and limiting the direct impact at any given point. The shell also features a ridge along the bottom edge that not only widens the opening but also acts as a speed-bump for any shock wave of impact traveling across the shell, keeping it within the helmet and not allowing it to transfer energy to the edge (which would result in breakage) or the body. All of these factors are critical to your safety in a crash scenario. The Air is Snell & DOT certified.

Troy Lee Air Pulse Helmet
Moving on to ventilation, the airflow absolutely abounds in this helmet. A total of twelve individual intake vents flow through the channels in the EPS and flow out of five large exhaust vents. You've got a total of five intakes at the chin, five more at the brow that flow directly to the liner, and two RAM air top intakes that force air streams into the EPS. Meanwhile, the three top exhaust vents combine with the two back of the neck exhaust vents to suck all of the moisture and hot humid air away from your head to keep you at the optimal level of cool in the most active and aggressive of dirt riding situations. They don't call it the air for nothing: it is extremely lightweight and flows a ridiculous amount of air.

Troy Lee Air Superstar Helmet
Getting into the creature comforts of this helmet, the interior is fully removable and washable. It is a multi-density foam comfort liner and cheek pads that is lined with CoolMax fabric that is both moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, pulling sweat away from the skin while deterring any nastiness from building up. Troy Lee Designs also offers custom fit kits so that you can contour the helmet to your head shape if the out-of-the-box intermediate oval doesn't fit you. The foam roost guard is fully removable and washable, the visor is completely adjustable via aluminum screws and the Air comes with a soft helmet bag. Troy Lee also provides a three-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Troy Lee Air History Helmet
Brand new to RevZilla, TLD has done nothing but impress us thus far. They make pro gear for pro riders and the rest of their lineup utilizes the same technologies and concepts that goes into their pro gear. To see other available options, please visit our Motocross Helmets page at RevZilla.com.


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