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Fox Racing Comp 5 Boots Review

Finding a comfortable, durable, and protective set of full length Off-Road boots for an entry model price can be a daunting task. Either you're overpaying for technical features you may not need or want, or you're stuck with a boot that just leaves you asking for more. In steps the mid-range Fox Racing Comp 5 Boot, designed for the rider who needs the high quality of a Fox Racing boot for the entry model price. It's designed to meet the needs of the weekend warrior who doesn't need all the crazy technical features found on the Fox F3R Racing Boot but still need a great amount of foot, ankle, and shin protection and comfort that the Fox Boots provide.

Fox Racing Comp 5 Women's Boots
The difference between the Comp 5 can be felt as soon as you slip your foot in. The sole of the Comp 5 is much more comfortable for walking around in and feels much more stable when not on the bike. This is from the Comp 5's bonded out sole which is much less aggressive then your standard MX racing boot like Fox's F3R Racing Boot. Each boot size also has its own heal size to accompany it and aid in fit, comfort, and protection for the sole of the rider; This also gives the boot a really cool modernized look for a mid-range boot.

The Comp 5 has a full slip leather construction as well as in the instep, which means your getting a very high level protection, comfortable, and durability with this boot that 
Fox Racing Comp 5 Shorty Boots
will last you more then just one riding season. The boot has the Fox Aluminum Soft-Touch Pivot Locking system. This Pivot locking system has a few key benefits and helps make this boot one of the best bang for the buck values on the market. This locking system is very smooth and easy to operate with or without gloves. It's very light weight adding to the comfort of the boot and it's much more durable then the standard plastic locking clips.

Adding to the high level of protection this boot provides is the reinforced toe box with grip shift panel. This provides the boot with easy and confident shifting when working through the gearbox and excellent amount of protection during the event of a get off. The toe box is double stitched 
Fox Racing Comp 5 Offroad Boots
for strength and is molded directly to the construction of the boot which adds to the longevity and lifespan of the boot no matter what riding conditions you put your boots through. Ankle protection is excellent for a boot in this price range thanks to Fox's Medial Hard Plastic Protection Construction wrapping from the front of the toe to the beginning of the shin.

An ever important feature on any full length off-road boot is the heat shield going up the inside of the boot. One of the things you'll notice on these boots out of the box is the size and amount of grip on the heat shield. This thick piece of black suede does an outstanding job protecting the inside leg and calf of the rider and the non-abrasive 
Fox Racing Comp 5 Vortex Boots
material gives added grip to the inside of your MX machine. Moving around to the front of the boot, the Comp 5 has a very strong and thick thermal TPU plastic shin pad protecting the very vulnerable shin area of your leg from hard impacts. Fox also did a great job molding their logo on to this plastic shin piece for style. On the inside of the boot you will find a water resistant gaiter to help keep your feet dry and comfortable during those wetter, muddier moto's. The inside liner of the boot is a woven moisture wicking material which will help remove sweet and moisture away from your feet adding to the amount of comfort these boots provide.

Fox Racing Comp 5 Youth Boots
It's hard to go wrong with the Fox Comp 5 Racing Boot. These provides a great boot full of benefits to the casual rider and racing who isn't looking to break the bank. The Comp 5 gives you Fox's great quality, durability, and level of protection found on many higher end boots but without the price tag. The Comp 5s are a great fit in the Fox Boot line-up. If the racing model doesn't suit your needs, Fox Racing offers a Shorty, an Offroad, and even a women's model ergonomically fitted for the female leg and foot.

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