Wednesday, November 9

Gerbing's Heated Hybrid LT Jacket

Gerbing's has a history of coming out with great quality products which provide you with more than ample warmth, and the Gerbing's Heated Hybrid LT Jacket is no exception. Built with a sleek, sporty design in mind, this jacket is meant to catch some eyes along with keeping you comfortably warm while you ride your bike around in the colder months. It is available in both men's and women's sizes. For protection, Gerbing's has equipped it's Hybrid Heated LT Jacket with a Cordura outer shell with ballistic Cordura impact panels on the shoulders and elbows and removable CE-rated armor. 

Let's check out the Gerbing's Heated Hybrid LT Jacket Review:

As we all know though, the most attractive features about this jacket are all its heating functions and capabilities. The Hybrid Heated LT has heating agents located in the shoulders, chest, arms, and collar to heat parts of your body that are known to get cold relatively easily. Unlike the Gerbing's Core Heat jackets though, the Hybrid Heated LT as mentioned above is meant for motorcycle riders. The difference between the Hybrid Heated LT and Core Heat Jackets is that the Hybrid comes with a 12V Rechargeable battery while the Core Heat products in general come with a 7V battery. The extra volts in the hybrid are meant to keep you warm while you ride against the cold winds in generally low temperatures.

The reasoning for the hybrid name is because you can connect your jacket directly to your motorcycle for power while riding it around; you can also power it using the FlexPack when you're away from your bike for up to three hours depending on which power settings you are using. The FlexPack (sold separately) replaces the included CE rated back armor and will actually charge once you plug in to the bike. Overall the Gerbing's Heated Hybrid LT Jacket is a great buy for the colder seasons such as the upcoming winter and current fall, and is guaranteed to keep you comfortably warm while you're riding around.


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