Tuesday, November 15

Powerlet Rapidfire Proform Heated Jacket Liner & Kit

Powerlet burst onto the scene with their innovative approach to heated gear in late 2011. The Powerlet Rapidfire Proform Heated Jacket Liner is a standout release within this season's mix of products. With a maximum of 105 watts of energy, this liner will become extremely warm and keep you comfortable on the bike. It is also extremely compact so you can store it away into its very own built in stuff sack. Comfortable, lightweight and delivering plenty of heat.

Lets check out the Powerlet Rapidfire Heated Jacket Liner Review:

The main feature that separates the Proform liner from its competitors is the fact that it uses FAR Infared technology which is a carbon nanowire which generates infrared waves. These waves can heat the body just below the top layer of your skin similar to the sun's rays, so unlike other heated apparel which must be touching your skin in order to produce heat, you can wear Powerlet gear with a more casual fit. Heating elements are located in the chest, sleeves, collar, and in the back. The Powerlet Rapidfire Heated Jacket Liner also features variable wattage, with either 105 Watts or 60 Watts used, which is controlled via a cable near the right hem. This is a great feature for bikes with weaker electrical systems.

Powerlet Rapidfire Heated Jacket Liner Kit
Additionally, there is a wireless dongle which transmits the signal to regulate the power to the jacket, giving you the option of either using the wireless supply or just straight up connecting the jacket to your bike. The Proform contains many flexible stretch panels which allow you to wear a base layer under the jacket, allowing you the flexibility to not only wear it like a normal jacket, but also let the infared technology heat your body without being crazy snug. The jacket is available standalone or as a kit which comes with a wireless controller so you can control the amount of heat you are receiving from the jacket. The Rapidfire Proform contains some very advanced technology, and it won't be long until other manufacturers follow in its path.



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