Monday, November 14

Shoei X-12 Graphic Overviews

Brand new for late 2011, Shoei has unveiled fresh graphic versions of their high-end racing helmet, the Shoei X-12. Check out our video overviews of the new graphics below. Favored by the likes of Alvaro Bautista and Toni Elias, the X-12 provides all of the extreme functionality required by the serious trackday rider and racer.

First up, the wild look of the Shoei X-12 Vermeulen 5 Helmet:

Shoei X-12 Vermeulen 5
Next up is our look at the Shoei X-12 Reverb Helmet:

Shoei X-12 Reverb
Next we have the Italian-flag-inspired Shoei X-12 Laseca Helmet:

Shoei X-12 Laseca
If your a track day fanatic, or just love carving those canyons, keep your head in a Shoei X-12 Helmet.


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