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REVIT Gear 2 Leather Pants

Available in men's and ladies' styles, the Gear pants from REVIT have become an even better match for the Ignition 2 for 2012. The brand new REVIT Gear 2 Leather Pants now feature even more mesh for better airflow in the hottest of hot riding conditions. You still get the versatility of having the protection of leather, the airflow of mesh, and the option of the removable Hydratex waterproof breathable liner. But now you've got better airflow, an overall more ergonomic design, and more innovative feature set than previously. They are also available as the REVIT Women's Gear 2 Leather Pants.

Check out our REVIT Gear 2 Leather Pants Review:

The Gear 2 Pants use premium cowhide leather in the impact areas with high-airflow abrasion-resistant Dynax mesh in less vulnerable zones. A big upgrade for this year's model is the armor. Still using ProLife CE rated protectors (also found in REVIT! race suits) at the knees, this year the armor is fully adjustable to ensure proper fitment. This is huge as it allows riders with different body types to guarantee that the armor is where it needs to be for comfort and protection. There are also EVA foam hip bads for added protection and the Gear 2 Pants are safety stitched throughout for premium tear resistance. Reflective paneling down at the calves ensures night time visibility.

With this version, the mesh is now extended all the way almost to the waist band, and the pockets have been moved to the sides of the legs to allow for even more airflow. There are stretch panels above the knees and at the lower back for mobility, with a short and long connection zipper and large calf zippers for easy in and out. The removable Hydratex waterproof breathable liner allows your perspiration to escape but will not let any precipitation penetrate. They've also received a style upgrade for this iteration. This is ultimate in versatility for a sport riding outfit when paired up with the Ignition 2. Also available in a ladies version with a women's-specific cut and fit. You can see them at right.


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