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REVIT Stingray Race Suit Review

The brand new REVIT Stingray Race Suit slides in for spring 2012 as the new top-of-the-line race suit from REVIT. REVIT! spent four years developing this suit, analyzing suits crashed on the MotoGP circuit, what worked, what didn't, what could be improved, and ultimately released a suit that will give you a great chance to get up and walk away from a triple-digit crash unscathed. They're using every new technology they have in this suit, from the actual ES (engineered skin) design of the leather panels to the internal and external protectors and more. This will go head to head with the top offerings from other premium race suit manufacturers.

Check out our REVIT Stingray Race Suit Review and check the full details after the video:

Now it's time to get into the nitty gritty of the Stingray suit. The exterior of the suit uses premium grade A performance cowhide for superior abrasion resistance, combining with 500D PWRKevlar stretch material for unparalleled mobility and flex. REV'IT moved all seams away from impact areas which increases their strength, decreasing the likelihood that they'll tear. Each and every seam in this suit is also safety stitched for an added decrease in tearing probability. Top-end CE rated ProLife armor can be found at the shoulders and elbows with fully adjustable CE Prolife armor in the knees. The adjustability is a huge upgrade as it allows you to ensure that the armor will always be in the proper position.

Another excellent feature is the dual comp honeycomb sliders at the shoulders, elbows and knees. These protectors absorb and crush in an impact scenario, adding to the ProLife armor for excellent safety in a crash. There is also double leather at the seat for abrasion resistance, and Temperfoam padding at the hips and back. The back pad can be upgraded to a Knox Advance X CE back protector (something RevZilla recommends) for added protection. The aerodynamic VCS speed hump is perforated for airflow and is prepared for a hydration system if you choose to add one. The perforation pattern on this suit is huge both on the front and back, and airflow should prove to be one of its standout features.

At the wrist and ankle cuffs and the collar are comfort panels that allow for a soft feel against the skin. Stretch paneling at the shoulders, back, elbows and knees allow for uninhibited movement and the large calf zip allows for easy in and out. Another new feature are the specially-designed grip parts at the inner knees. These are small panels that are fully replaceable and allow you to have better grip on the bike. Instead, the comfort interior is anti-static, removable, washable and offers premium moisture-management properties. As with all REV'IT! products, premium YKK zippers and spring-loaded snaps are used throughout this suit.

REV'IT! truly went all in with their brand new REV'IT Sting Ray Race Suit. We're happy to see them continue to outdo themselves, innovating and iterating on products that were successful before, adding a whole new level of value to each round of gear they release. Expect this suit to compete with top offerings from other brands for the next several years.


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