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2012 Fall REV'IT! Reveal

Always dressed to impress, REV'IT! has consistently been one of the staples of ADV/Touring gear in just about every category. This Fall they've mixed it up a bit by adding an urban line of clothing that features protective apparel that can be passed as casual clothing. These high-tech coats offer the same great protection and features that you have come to know and love, however they are packaged in a fashionable theme for city riders. 

Back in the day, people used to wax their cotton jackets to help keep the water out in wet weather.  With today's technology and waterproof membranes, this is no longer necessary.  However, the classic look that is created by waxed cotton is still around.  The REV'IT! Melville Jacket is a 3/4 length coat designed for fashionable city riding. Knox Lite armor offers CE-rated protection without adding too much bulk and the Hydratex G-liner works together with the waxed finish to keep you dry.  Styled with pockets, belts, buttons and tabs, the Melville is minimally branded for those that hesitate to ride (or walk) around with large logos plastered across their chest or back.

REV'IT! Melville Jacket Review:

The REV'IT! Women's Gracia Jacket is the ladies' answer to the men's Melville. Cinched to flatter curves, the Gracia carries all the same features of the waxed cotton, waterproofness, and styling.  Both the Gracia and the Melville include a reflective strip at the back of the color to ensure visibility at night.

REV'IT! Women's Gracia Jacket Review

Raising the fashion standard with a faux fur collar and knitted waistband and cuffs, the REV'IT! Brera Jacket makes quite a statement to your urban landscape. Made with minimal bulk, but still with CE-Rated armor, the Brera is the ultimate in incognito riding gear. The Brera is made with a lightweight Nylon, Hydratex Lite, and Knox Lite all for increased flexibility. If your city isn't cold enough for the fur color, don't worry -- its removable.

REV'IT! Brera Jacket Review:

Finally, the REV'IT! Women's Taksim Jacket closes the updated for REV'IT! Fall 2012.  This 3/4-plus length jacket also sports the faux fur collar on its removable hoody. In addition, the hoody can be fixated to the back of the jacket to prevent it from flopping around in the wind.  The Taksim really speaks refinement and distinction into the fashion sense of the urban moto-lady.

Don't miss the rest of the Fall 2012 REV'IT! lineup at

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New Fall REV'IT! Gloves Breakdown

Always dressed to impress, REV'IT! has consistently been one of the staples of ADV/Touring gear in just about every category. This Fall they've mixed it up a bit by adding an urban line of clothing that features protective apparel that can be passed as casual clothing. These high-tech gloves offer the same great protection and features that you have come to know and love, however they are packaged in a fashionable theme for city riders.

Whether you live in the windy city or the city of brotherly love, we are all familiar with the bone-chilling drafts that gust between the highrises in an urban setting. The REV'IT! Hybrid WSP Gloves solve this with generous use of Windstopper (WSP) across the top of the hand. In addition to being water resistant, WSP, as its name suggests, is one of the most practical and effective means of negating windchill. The Hybrid WSP gloves still offer hard-knuckle protection as well as PU-injected fingers and EVA foam at the thumb. Some other notable features include a goatskin palm and a 'Connect finger tip' that allows for use with touchscreen devices. Finished with a tri-fleece liner and a knitted cuff, these stylish, tech gloves will keep you warm
when the lights go down in the city.

REV'IT! Hybrid WSP Gloves Review:

Only $10 more than the Hybrid WSP, the REV'IT! Carver H20 Gloves are basically the waterproof version of the same. They use the same tri-fleece liner and goatskin palm, but instead of WSP, a Hydratex liner is used for waterproofing. You still have the benefit of hard-shell knuckle protection and the comfy knitted cuff. Both the Carver and the Hybrid use a subtle reflective strip at the back of the hand for increased visibility at night.

REV'IT! Carver H20 Gloves Review:

Stepping up the line, the next entry adds a full gauntlet with wrist strap and velcro cuff tab. The REV'IT Women's Element 2 H20 Gloves also use the Hydratex waterproof membrane and have a full leather finish, with panels of suede and goatskin in the sensitive areas. Featuring a visor wiper and the same excellent protection, the Element 2 gloves up the ante for wet weather riding. They are also available in a men's version.

REV'IT! Element 2 H20 Gloves Review:

If your journey calls for the ultimate in durability and and all-weather flexibility, save yourself for the REV'IT! Fusion Gore-Tex Gloves. Moving from Hydratex to Gore-Tex, and tri-fleece to Thermolite Plus and Exkin, the Fusion gloves are the warmest, driest option for Fall 2012. In addition, they come with a dual-comp palm slider as well as a high loft interior fur liner. These plush gloves will outlast the competition while keeping your fingers kindled, comfy, and dry

REV'IT! Fusion Gore-Tex Gloves Review:

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Fall '12 Shoei Dirt Helmets

A longtime market leader, the Shoei VFX-W gets a facelift this fall with three new graphics now being offered. Already known for excellent ventilation, extreme lightness and benchmark protection, these new designs will set you apart even further from the competition.

Painted with something that looks like it could easily be found on "Pimp My Ride," the Shoei VFX K-Dub 3 Helmet will resonate well in the Urban Jungle of 25-inch rims and hydraulic low-riders. Available in three gangsta colors, white/red, white/blue, and black/white/green, the K-Dub will certainly stand out in a crowd.

Packing a DC Shoes flavored punch, the Shoei VFX-W Krack Helmet doubles up on the Shoei brand name with a collage of letters, icons, and graphics that will keep you guessing. The color choices don't back down with a bright white/blue/black, black/red/blue, and black/yellow/blue to seal the deal.

While only slightly tamer than the previous two, the Shoei VFX-W Werx Helmet comes in five stunning colors. Falling slightly more towards the "stripes" category, the Werx graphic comes with a two-tone scheme in black/silver, white/red, black/orange, white/blue, and black/green.

As if these weren't absurd enough, see the rest of the New Shoei Graphics at For more knowledge, find out the differences between Shoei & Arai.

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Fall '12 Shoei Touring Helmets

Coming later this Fall, Shoei adds a smattering of new graphics to their touring helmet line-up. The Shoei Neotec receives an increasingly popular High-Viz colorway, while the Shoei Qwest is refreshed with three striking new designs.

If you haven't already heard about the Shoei Neotec, then you really need to get out from under a rock and watch our video review. If you have heard of this awesome new modular helmet release from Shoei earlier this year, then you will be pleased to know that the Shoei Neotec Borealis adds a fresh High-Viz option to your closet. This is somewhat notable as the solid yellow Neotec that has been available up until this point is not actually considered High-Viz; rather, it is called Brilliant Yellow.

Don't blame us if your front wheel gets light! The Shoei Qwest Ascend Helmet features three pairs of wings on a black/silver/white, gothic design.

For the patriotic rider, Shoei now has a flag-emblazoned graphic complete with screaming eagle. The Shoei Qwest Prestige helmet sends a message with style.

Always conscious of the female rider, Shoei has produced feminine designs on several of their helmets for many years. The Shoei Qwest Sonoma comes in a black/pink or a white/silver and showcases the softer side of Shoei's graphic art.

To view more New Shoei madness, visit us at Or check out our breakdown of Shoei vs Arai.

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Shoei 2013 Sport Graphic Overview

Hot off the assembly line, we are excited to announce all new eye-catching graphics for the Shoei Sport and Race helmet line-up! We welcome two new additions to the heralded Shoei X-12 family, while the Shoei RF-1100 receives five more options into the fold.

Expected in early 2013, the X-12 now pays homage to provisional Moto2 World Champion, Marc Marquez, with the Shoei X-12 Marquez Helmet. Marquez quickly rose through the 125cc class and won the championship there in 2010. This year, he is expected to take the gold for Moto2. Next year, Marquez has a seat warmed for him on a MotoGP bike by retiring World Champion, Casey Stoner. However, regardless of your opinion of these awesome racer dudes, the Marquez helmet looks sweet in an angular red/white/blue colorway.

(see also: Shoei X-12 Marquez Motegi Helmet)

Next up, the Shoei X-12 B-Boz offers a similar theme in a more patriotic style. The B-Boz also comes in red/white/blue, but is less angular and adorned with stars and stripes. Born from a racing heritage, either of these helmets will keep you safe, fast, and noticed on the track.

If you can't wait until 2013, hone your 'want-o-meter' on the new RF-1100 helmets, which will be available much sooner. Following a recent trend in High-Viz colors and patterns, the Shoei RF-1100 Glacier Helmet comes in a classic striping reminiscent of the cafe racer regime. Set on a matte-black body, this high contrast and stylish graphic will also keep you seen on the roadways.

For the more fiendish rider, check out the Shoei RF-1100 Diabolic Feud Helmet. Bold, black and white designs in a gothic vogue will make this a popular choice for the murdered-out street and sport riders of 2013.

Also in black and white, the Shoei RF-1100 Elektro paints a different scene with high-tech tidbits that seem to reference the audiophile in all of us. While you should always wear ear-plugs, now onlookers and bystanders will be forced to do the same!

Moving back the the cafe racer genre, the Shoei RF-1100 Rollin helmet takes classic striping and combines a checkered flag edging to the design. Also laid on matte-black, this high-contrast colorway promises to keep you rollin' -- get it?

Following a recent branding theme in the major manufactures, the Shoei RF-1100 Transmission helmet proudly displays the "SHOEI" brand name in bold capital lettering across the side and back of the helmet. Others, like Bell and HJC, have incorporated this idea into their helmets, however, Shoei seems to do a better job of weaving their name into this beautifully designed graphic.

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Teknic 2013 Men's Motorcycle Gear Overview

Teknic Xcelerator RacesuitPacking a punch, the new Teknic Xcelerator Racesuit is utilizes perforated Kangaroo and top grade drum-dyed Brazilian cowhide. Known for its suppleness and low break-in time, Kangaroo provides the same abrasion resistance with 30% less weight than conventional cowhide. Multiple layer stitching and a double layer cowhide covers the abrasion areas. The list of features on this racesuit are impressive!  To name just a few: Kevlar expansion panels for flexibility and unimpaired movement, CE-approved armor, CE-approved injection molded shoulder armor, dual compound nylon/aluminum elbow sliders, memory foam in collarbone, chest, thighs, tailbone and lateral impact points, speedstar knee sliders and CE upgradeable hip armor.
The Xcelerator is available in  white/black or white/red/black.

Teknic Chicane Leather Pants
Made with top grade drum-dyed cowhide, the Teknic Chicane Pants are a perfect match to the Teknic Chicane Jacket that was released earlier this year. Sport and track inspired, these provide extra protection through multiple layers of leather and extra rows of stitching in all the abrasion areas. Knox CE-approved armor protects your knees along with hip padding that can be upgraded.

For more about the 2013 Teknic lineup, visit

Teknic 2013 Women's Apparel Release

Teknic Women's Sevilla JacketNew for 2013, the Teknic lineup offers several women's-specific items that fit and flatter the female form. Packed with features, the Teknic Women's Sevilla Jacket is a windproof and breathable jacket that also carries a lifetime guarantee for waterproofing. A few of the features include: YKK waterproof zippers, a microfiber liner, vent and exhaust ports, Knox CE-approved shoulder and elbow armor, and an Armorshield spine guard. The Sevilla comes in black/pink, black/charcoal and black/purple.

Teknic Women's Venom Leather Pants
The Teknic Women's Venom pants are fully perforated, drum-dyed cowhide.  Expansion panels allow for flexible, unimpaired movement and the pants are lined with an anti-bacterial/non-allergenic nylon mesh. The abrasion areas are reinforced with double layer of leather as well as multiple row stitching.  In addition to the Knox CE-approved armor in the knees, the Venom pants also have memory foam hip padding that can be upgraded if desired. These pants are a perfect match to the Teknic Women's Venom jacket that came out earlier this year, which is available in black with a feminine floral graphic as well as in white, with a linear design.

Teknic Women's Venom Gloves
Made of drum-dyed cowhide upper and aniline cowhide palms, the Teknic Women's Venom gloves are lined with a breathable nylex. For protection, critical areas are padded with high density closed cell foam and molded plastic knuckle and finger inserts. Available in black, the venom gloves have a similar white design that complements the graphic shown on the venom pants and venom jacket.

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Icon 1000 Turnbuckle Gloves Review

Icon 1000 Turnbuckle GlovesIcon has raised the tech and styling bar with its new addition to the Icon 1000 line.  Incorporating waxed French cowhide, the Icon 1000 Turnbuckle gloves feel like butter. There are no surprises in the fit arena as they run true to size. D30 armor at the main knuckle and a pre-curved finger add to their legitimacy as a true tech product. Perforated leather panels at the back of the hand and thumb area increase warm to hot weather performance.

 Icon 1000 Turnbuckle Gloves Review:

Boom! Icon wins again. Visit RevZilla's Icon 1000 department to find more moto-sexy.

Icon 1000 El Bajo Boots Review

Icon 1000 El Bajo BootsThe Icon 1000 El Bajo boots are the half-boot version of the Icon 1000 Elsinore boots. The El Bajo are made of top grain leather in either black or oiled brown.  With classic American sizing, there are no surprises here. A extra level of thought has gone into the Icon 1000 styling with outrageous buckles that can be set to a preferred position, while YKK zippers simultaneously provide easy access. Along with the kick-ass look, this functional boot totes a heavy duty toe and heel cockpit, heat pressed leather for easy shifting and a welt sole.

Icon 1000 El Bajo Boots Review:

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Schuberth SR1 Technology Helmet Review

Schuberth SR-1 Technology HelmetThe Schuberth SR1 is a super-sport, race inspired helmet and one of the most technologically advanced lids available. The glass fiber carbon compound is compressed in a vacuum at a pressure of 4.5 bar to form a helmet shell that is exceptionally sturdy. The Schuberth SR1 Technology graphic adds a tech flavor to the already aggressive exterior.

Advanced aerodynamics make this helmet stable in the wind, and even at high speeds it creates no upward lift. The chin vents and front chimneys all add to an effective venting system. A unique feature called NRS, which stands for "Noise Reduction System," allows for custom tuning or
regulation of outside sound.

Schuberth SR1 Helmet Review:

Schuberth SR-1 Technology Helmet

The shield removal is innovative and simple. The SR1 pad system is fully removable and washable, anti-allergenic and antibacterial. Double-coated Coolmax on the interior liners makes it skin-friendly, transports moisture and produces effective ventilation. Complex multi-zone foaming allows for optimal shock absorption and, along with its S.T.R.O.N.G. shell construction, makes this helmet both DOT and ECE approved.

Schuberth S2 Helmet Review
Schuberth Helmets at Revzilla Review
Schuberth SR1 Preview Review

Bell Sport Helmet Graphics Announced

Bell has just announced new graphics for the Vortex and RS-1 helmets. Check them out below and let us know what you think!

The Vortex Helmet is Bell's mid-range, Snell-2010-rated helmet for sport, track, or race use. They've released a new graphic for this very popular helmet. For the amount of features you get, including the Snell safety standard for under $200, this helmet offers real value. The Bell Vortex Monarch comes in two colors: black/pink, and black/silver.

Bell RS-1 Emblem Helmet

Also new, is a graphic for the Bell RS-1 Helmet, which is an extremely popular sport and street helmet competing directly with the Shoei RF-1100. Excellent fit, superior aerodynamics, awesome ventilation, and plush comfort define this lid.  This new option is called the Bell RS-1 Emblem and comes in matte black, white/black, and hi-viz yellow/black.

Bell RS-1 Emblem Helmet Review:

Bell Off-Road Graphics Revealed

Bell Moto 9 Carbon Emblem HelmetBell Helmet's Moto 9 dirt lid is completely performance focused and now has 3 new graphics. Aerodynamic, lightweight, comfortable, and featuring many safety elements, the Bell Moto-9 Helmet has taken dirt helmets to the next level. Featuring a brand new Eject Helmet Removal System, the Moto-9 allows first responders to easily and gently remove your helmet in a serious accident scenario. The Moto 9 is already known for its Snell 2010 certification, TriMatrix composite shell, and adjustable Flying Bridge Visor.

The Bell Moto 9 Emblem helmet is in 3 colorways: hot yellow, blue/black and matte black/grey.

Bell Moto 9 Emblem Helmet Review:

Bell Moto 9 Hurricane Helmet

Bell Moto 9 Hurricane  is a red, white and blue graphic, with stars on top, metallic flaking, gradient blue that changes colors, and a galvanized steel look along the jawline.

Bell Moto 9 Hurricane Helmet Review:

Bell Moto 9 Unit Multi Helmet

 Bell Moto 9 Unit Multi features replica artwork by Tagger Designs.  Originally found on surfboards, these graphics are now found on a variety of motocross and roadracing helmets.


 Bell Moto 9 Unit Multi Helmet Review:

New in 2012, Bell SX-1 helmet represents Bell Helmets sub-$100 model that packs in a ton of features generally unseen at this price point. A lightweight and protective polycarbonate shell, Bell's force-flow ventilation system, a completely removable and washable Coolmax moisture-wicking liner, and a full five-year warranty are just some features that set this helmet apart from the competition. There are 2 fresh graphics to add to the lineup.

Bell SX-1 Switch Helmet

The Bell SX-1 Switch helmet is available in 6 colorways: black, red, yellow, orange, green and blue.


Bell SX-1 Switch Helmet Review:
Bell SX-1 Crusade Helmet

Bell SX-1 Crusade incorporates yellow and green neon stripes on top of gloss black.

Bell SX-1 Crusade Helmet Review:

Arriving as the mid-level complement to the pro Bell Moto-9 Helmet, the Bell MX-2 Helmet borrows much of those technologies but lands at the sub-$200 price point.  The MX-2 utilizes a lightweight fiberglass shell and the Bell Helmets force-flow airflow system. Inside, the removable, washable Coolmax cheek pads and comfort liner allow you to maintain day-long comfort thanks to the moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties.  On the flip side, you can also to clean it up when necessary, preserving its longevity.
Bell MX-2 Reverb Helmet

The Bell MX-2 Reverb graphic includes gloss black, orange and metallic silver with a tectonic feel and aggressive look.

Bell MX-2 Reverb Helmet Review:

Bell MX-2 Daytona Helmet

The Bell MX-2 Daytona sports clean lines and a checkerboard chin guard, and comes in a classic grey/yellow/black graphic.

Bell MX-2 Breaker Helmet  

The Bell MX-2 Breaker helmet comes in 4 colorways: silver, red, blue and multi. The MX-2 being a favorite of motocross riders, the Breaker graphic will certainly be a colorful and popular addition.

Bell MX-2 Breaker Helmet Review:

New Bell Helmet Open Face Graphics Overview

Bell Custom 500 Hurricane Helmet

Two new graphics have hit the shelves for the Bell Custom 500 Helmet, the signature open-face lid designed by founder, Roy Richter, in 1954. These helmets, which have been extremely popular since their release, now have two fresh graphics to update their classic style.

The Bell Custom 500 Hurricane Helmet glitters
in gold/black/white with a lightning bolt pattern emblazoned across the top.

Bell Custom 500 Hurricane Helmet Review:

Reminiscent of racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Bell Custom 500 Skratch Bonneville Helmet is available only in matte black.

Bell Custom 500 Skratch Bonneville Helmet Review:

Bell Drifter DLX Black Ops Helmet

One of Bell Helmet's more popular half helmets, the Bell Drifter DLX, was redesigned in 2012 to improve fit, comfort and overall style. The new graphic, Bell Drifter DLX Black Ops, is available in matte black.

Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tone Helmet

Newly introduced in 2012, the Pit Boss is an extremely light weight yet protective half helmet. The Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tone helmet comes in matte black.

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