Thursday, November 29

New ICON Airframe Carbon RR Reveal!

The latest spawn of ICON comes in the form of the ICON Airframe Carbon RR helmet. Beautifully crafted, with the typical edgy ICON DNA, the Carbon RR offers all the same features as the standard Airframe in a lighter package. The carefully woven carbon-fibre shell is wrapped in a clean, attractive graphic that comes in three colors. The Red and Pink options deliver a grayscale skin, etched with Red and Pink pinstripe detailing respectively. The Blue scheme steps it up a notch, combining the black carbon, with red detailing and a gorgeous blue overlay that is a refreshing beverage for your eyes.

I expect Blue to be the most popular, akin to the previous ICON Airframe Carbon Lifeform in white. The Red and Pink are subtle in comparison without betraying the ostentatious heart of the brand. Regardless of whether we agree on the best color, adding another premium option to the carbon-fibre world is a smart move for sure! We look forward to these being available in early December.
Time will tell whether the ICON Airframe Carbon RR is the new king-of-the-hill for premium fibre helmets. However, our experience with ICON is that they've got the guts to take the glory!

-- ckZilla

Thursday, November 15

REV'IT! 2013 Leather Gloves

Power up! The last few spring items from REV'IT! complete the circuit. Behold, a new source of protection: The 2013 leather gloves. This multi-pronged attack leaves us with two charged new options to plug and play.

Traditionally, double-cuff enclosures have been reserved for the highest voltage gloves, like the Jerez. Now, for under $200, you can get this energizing feature with the REV'IT! Stellar gloves. Though not a gauntlet glove, the Stellar is a long-cuff cowhide blueprint with goatskin palms for optimal feeling at point of contact. Reinforced with hard-shell finger and knuckle protectors, the Stellar also includes a Dual-comp palm slider and Temperfoam padding at the index finger, thumb and wrist. This race fit glove is an aggressive option for street riding, or perhaps a budget solution to the occasional track day. Either way, you are assured in the high-fidelity protection that REV'IT! generates across the board.

Positioned just over the Monster gloves, the REV'IT! Chevron gloves are a clean choice with re-newed styling. Taking styling cues from the RSR or SLR and hard parts from the curb, the Chevron will amp your gear closet with three colorways: Black/White, White/Black and White/Red. These moderately perforated gloves will be most comfortable in the summer, but should wire into your spring/fall setup with ease. The REV'IT! Women's Chevron gloves are also available, proving to be a popular sport option for both rider and passenger - I'll leave it to you to fight over which gets pillion!

When the grid goes dark, don't be caught without juice! Tend to your supply of REV'IT! gear to make sure your battery is at full capacity.

- ckZilla

Wednesday, November 14

REV'IT! 2013 Leather Jacket Preview

Not so long ago
in a country kind of far, far away....
 The REV'IT! empire was born.  Known for high quality gear as 
well as being slightly secretive. We have managed to intercept the plans for a few 
of their newest leather jackets in an attempt to help you prepare for your next mission.

The REV'IT! Stellar Jacket has you covered for warp speeds with revised Dual-comp protectors at the shoulders and elbows backed by ProLife CE approved armor (the same armor used in their race suits). The new pieces have a smaller profile to improve comfort and flexibility without reducing protection.  A long or short connection zipper completes the bond to a pair of pants for track duty or paved road shenanigans. Taking over the Tarmac Air Leather Jacket slot in the model line, the Stellar is better suited to temperatures on Endor rather than Tatooine (think less perforation), a detachable body warmer vest is included too.  While not warm enough for Hoth, it should help to take the chill out when ripping around Cloud City.  The Aero hump has disappeared and provides for a cleaner look, while the rear deflector shield (back protector) pocket is designed to accept the new CE 2 certified Seesoft back protector insert.  The Stellar will be available in Black/White and Black/Red in Euro sizes 46-58, Hyperdrive not included.

The next model we found in our R2 unit was the REV'IT! Galactic Jacket.  Prepared to conquer multiple atmospheres in style.  The Galactic is comprised of a Leather/Dynex mesh hull with a removable Hydratex waterproof liner, this is the Phoenix Jacket reborn.  Rising from the ashes the Galactic fills a hole in your jacket fleet when looking for maximum protection and increased airflow.  On warm summer days the Challenger cooling vest can be added in place of the Hydratex liner for the ultimate in warm weather performance.  ProLife CE rated armor provides impact protection in the shoulders/elbows and the optional Seesoft back protector upgrade will cover your rear flank. This new back protector is rumored to transmit less then 6 kn of force (3 kn less then the minimum requirement for CE 2 certification).  Impressive, most impressive!  A REV'IT! Women's Galactic Jacket will join the armada as well.  The women's jacket has a sleek profile and includes all of the features of the men's version. Color options are White/Black or Black/White, either way this jacket will be a great asset on your next crusade.  

With names like space ships, it's hard not to poke a little fun at the 2013 REV'IT! leather Jacket line.  All kidding aside, these look like some intriguing updates and should create some disturbances in the Force.

- Santini
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REV'IT! 2013 Hunter Race Race Suit

The new for 2013 REV'IT! Hunter Race Suit is ready to take down some serious competition on the track.  Known for protecting the likes of Randy DePuniet and Alvaro Bautista in the Jungles of MotoGP, REV'IT makes some impressive race suits.  The Hunter picks up the trail where the Tarmac left off with some subtle but effective changes to it's arsenal.  The largest or rather smaller update is the Dual-comp protectors at the shoulders and elbows that have been sculpted to provide a greater range of movement without sacrificing protection.

Other notable tweaks come by the way of additional stretch panels in the torso with revised panels in the hips allowing you to get into a tuck more easily to sneak up on your target down while rocketing down the straights.  Perforation looks to be a little less then it's predecessor, though the diameter of the holes appears larger and their location has been modified. So it should yield similar airflow while moving perforations away from critical seams.  The Aero hump is prepped to receive a hydration bladder for long sessions stalking prey and a removable liner helps to make it easy to clean, so you can mask your scent after multiple expeditions.  This suit is loaded for big game in 2013.

- Santini
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Spring 2013 REV'IT! Gloves Dealt

In anticipation of the spring release, REV'IT! has tipped their hand on 2013 gloves. With a bit of a re-shuffle and some elegant new suits, the end result is certainly a good deal.

Flush with the release of the Sand 2 jacket and pants, the glove turn sees the release of the new REV'IT! Sand Pro gloves. Positioned as a raise to the original Sand gloves, this 'pro' option has a number of new plays. The most noticeable addition is the CE-rated armor across the knuckles. While it looks and feels like almost nothing is there aside from a hexagonal decoration, this protector is, in fact, CE rated. In addition, the base of the palm has a PU rubber palm slider in similar fashion. If you want to hedge your bets, but still have the very best ventilation, the Sand Pro gloves are likely to be your trademark.

Ante up! The next round is in play. You could cut the deck on either side of the next two options. The REV'IT! Striker and REV'IT! Neutron gloves drop at the same price point and are both active players. Both pairs feature a new piece called 'connect fingertip' which allows for use of both the thumb and fingertip on touchscreen devices. The set also use a 500D stretch textile shell, distinguishing neither as a favorite. Where they split is in the styling and knuckle protection. The Striker uses a TPR hard-shell knuckle, while the Neutron shows a PU injected knuckle. My pick goes to the Striker, but I'm sure that many will call the Neutron instead.

When the chips are on the table, don't let the road call your bluff. Go all in and set yourself up with a full hand.

- ckZilla

REV'IT! 2013 Textiles Revealed!

Fresh and fabulous, REV'IT! 2013 has just begun to crest the horizon. Looking at their textiles, there are a caravan of new jackets and pants poised to conquer your personal frontier, whether it be a turbulent tundran terrain, or the daily grind to your workplace.

With big shoes to fill, the REV'IT! Sand 2 Jacket needed to evidence both a substantial upgrade in function as well as an attractive price point to serve as an adequate sequel. We think it has fit the bill superbly. While the Sand 2 will still take you well into the winter season with its two removable liners for waterproofing and thermal, the big change improves upon its warm weather utility. The zippers on this jacket increase ventilation by a whopping 200% compared to the original! This is achieved through a longer arm vent that extends further up the bicep as well as a wind-catcher system on the chest that stretches the opening to keep them gulping air through the large vertical vents. The pockets on the Sand 2 are now pleated for better storage when stuffed and better looks when empty. For the serious adventurer, who requires compatibility with a Leatt neck brace, REV'IT! has heard your call from the wild! Full integration is now built in via a number of strap loops for a secure attachment. The Sand 2 will be available in Black/Silver, Black/Orange, Silver/Blue, and as pictured in Silver/Red. Additionally, the REV'IT! Sand 2 Hi-Viz jacket will stagger in for just a few dollars more. Of course, the REV'IT! Sand 2 Pants follow suit, available in Black, or Silver/Black. These come with a few pant-specific changes, including a re-designed cargo pocket for best accessibility
while riding as well as a change in material on the seat
that provides better grip in wet or dry.

If you want the flexibility of the Sand 2, but live in a warmer climate or don't plan on riding through winter, you might consider the equally capable REV'IT! Levante jacket. At a lower price point, the Levante is aimed to strike at those in the hottest areas with always-open mesh panels on the front, back and arms. This jacket comes with the same 2-in-1 liner that you are familiar with in the Tornado jacket, conquering cold and wet simultaneously. The defining factor to the Levante is its 3/4 cut, complete with cargo pockets and an adjustable fit. Lady riders will be pleased to know that there is a REV'IT! Women's Levante jacket that comes specifically styled to fit the female form.

This isn't a stick-up, partner, you can keep your wallet! The REV'IT! Outback jacket offers much of the high-tech protection and function of something like the Cayenne Pro or the Defender, but in a lighter package that will still leave enough cash to feed your horse. Offering the same 2 drop-liners as the Sand 2, for water and cold, the Outback is overgrown with pockets, vents, zippers, and adjustments to keep your feature-meter full. The big catch (literally) is that this action-packed jacket will be available in an all-American 5XL and 6XL size. This is something previously non-existent for REV'IT!, who has historically marketed only to the European slim-cut body type.

Another budget option with safety and style is the REV'IT! Nautilus jacket. Designed to be 100% waterproof, the Nautilus is a simple way to stay dry throughout spring and fall. Though the lack of ventilation will limit its summer use, the removable thermal liner will allow you to push the boundaries of your riding territory well into winter. Available in a subtle High-Viz option as well as black, this ration of awesomeness is an easy buck to drop.

For those that want to stick to the asphalt, REV'IT! is porting their two-liner system over to a sport cut jacket, embodied in the new REV'IT! Excalibur jacket. With a destination waterproof liner that is designed to look great as a stand-alone piece, the Excalibur is a streamlined solution for the sport-bike commuter, or aggressive weekender. Take a slice out of your tarmac playground with confidence.

Subdue the final frontier with the REV'IT! Enterprise pants, though we don't actually recommend wearing these in outer space. Instead, these waterproof overpants are meant as a solution to those wet treks to work where you need to wear your street clothes underneath to stay dry! Expansion gussets and full-length zippers on the inside of the legs allow for easy don and doff in a jiffy. The short connection zipper allows for seamless attachment to any of the new jackets mentioned above.

Wherever your spurs lead you, there is sure to be an option here that will leave you fearless in the face of the unknown. Check out the rest of REV'IT! 2013 at

- ckZilla

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