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Alpinestars Net Air Boots Review

Alpinestars boots have a reputation for being some of the best motorcycle boots that money can buy. Alpinestars simply know how to design boots to be comfortable, protective, and have great quality. The Alpinestars Net Air Boot is a perfect example of this. Alpinestars designed this boot to be comfortable for the long distance tourer and everyday commuter. They also made the Net Air boot to flow a ton of air and vent during the hotter days of the summer. This is a perfect boot for the tourer that plans to ride through the southwest this summer or the commuter that doesn't want their feet to get clammy in ninety degree heat.

Check out our Alpinestars Net Air Boots Review:

The Net Air Boots are Alpinestars' warm weather full length motorcycle riding boot. The main construction of this boot is a full grain leather with highly abrasion-resistant mesh inserts in the areas less vulnerable to damage during a crash. Alpinestars put this highly ventilated mesh material on the top of the foot and mesh wrapping along both sides of the foot all the way to the calf and back of the heal. This means that there's a ton of area where air can enter and exit the boot. The inner liner is a micro-fiber bubble mesh material that will be comfortable, soft, and designed to help wick away sweat. Ventilation and comfort is really what Alpinestars was going for with this boot.

Protection and quality in the Net Air is also very good for a boot in this price range. A reinforced toe box stops anything from being able to crush your foot in a crash scenario. A stiff foot bed will prevent the boot from bending or twisting in any unnatural ways but is still supple enough to walk around in. The shin protection is done with a stiff shin plate covered with the full grain leather of the boot to protect from the footpeg-to-shin injury all too common in sport touring scenarios. The toes have an anti-scuff shift plate to prevent the top of the toe box from getting scratched up.  The cuff of the boot is a neoprene material to help wick away sweat. The closure system uses a YKK zip and velcro pull for secure lockdown.

If you're planning on riding through a monsoon or in the middle of December, this might not be the right boot for you. If you're looking for a boot that can deal with a brutal summer and be worn off the bike for a walk around town, this boot would be a great choice. Sizes go from 38-48 Euro which translates roughly to 6-13.

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