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Kali Nira Helmet Review

Kali Helmets have been turning heads in the industry since the introduction of their first street helmet and the technological safety innovations therein. Their second street lid, the Kali Nira Helmet, is new for 2011 and is a great choice for somebody that doesn't want to spend oodles of noodles on a Shoei or an Arai but still wants a quality lid. This helmet is really designed for the street rider who doesn't need the highly technical features of a higher end helmet like the Kali Naza Carbon Helmet but still wants a really good full face helmet with a decent amount of comfort.

Check out our Kali Nira Helmet Review:

What's really cool about the Kali is the amount of protection this helmet has and how it disperses the energy from an impact in a crash. The EPS liner is a hard foam liner bonded directly to the helmet. There is no gap between the hard outer shell of the helmet and the foam. This means that immediately after an impact the energy begins to disperse across the surface area of the EPS. This is huge in terms of safety as the milliseconds it takes to transfer the energy from the shell to the foam, if there is even the slightest gap between the two, can cause significant damage. Kali calls this technology Composite Fusion™.

The Kali Nira also has the dual flow composite air flow system which helps channel air into the helmet via the 2 top vents and sucks air out of the back of the helmet thanks to the venturi exhausts. The comfort liner is removable and replaceable, so after you're done sweating up a storm in this helmet, simply remove the liner and rinse it under cold water, let it air dry, and you have a fresh helmet liner again. The helmet's shape is designed for optimal aerodynamics and to cut through the air easily in sport riding situations, thereby reducing overall rider fatigue.

Sizes on the Nira go from XS to 2XL and the shape is a round oval headform, very similar to the head shape of an HJC helmet.

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