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Dainese Fulcrum Gore-Tex Boots Review

The big brother to the Dainese Nighthawk Gore-Tex Boots and yet another fashion-inspired motorcycle boot that is packed with performance and protective elements from Dainese, the Dainese Fulcrum Gore-Tex Boots are designed with the sport tourer and commuter in mind. Designed to hold up in multi-season all-weather riding conditions, these boots shelter from all the nasty ills that mother nature can throw at you, all the while protecting from impact and looking sleek and stylish while doing so. If you're in the market for Italian-styled boots that'll look great under a pair of jeans and hold up in a whole host of riding conditions, you'll definitely want to consider the Fulcrums.

Check out our Dainese Fulcrum Gore-Tex Boots Review:

Constructed of premium Italian cowhide that is treated for a soft and supple feel, the Fulcrum boots are extremely fashion-minded. The cowhide is backed by a Gore-Tex fully waterproof and breathable membrane that is guaranteed for life. Precipitation can't penetrate, but perspiration can escape to keep your foot cool and dry. If the waterproof breathability ever fails, it is replaced for free, no questions asked. Inside, you've got a moisture-wicking liner that furthers the overall comfort of this boot. The full length velcro panel and zipper opening is backed by a Gore-Tex gaiter to maintain the waterproofing of the Fulcrum.

For protection, thermoformed inserts can be found medially and laterally at the ankle while hard composite protection is at the shin to prevent that all-too-common footpeg-to-shin injury in sport touring scenarios. Both the toe box and heel cup are reinforced and there is a TPU shifter guard for durability. For comfort and ergonomics, elasticated bellows are placed in strategic locations to allow for full range of motion and flexibility on the bike. Finally, the rubber sole is manufactured by Skywalk, a third-party company that only makes soles. They are known for being technical, high-grip, non-slip and providing enough comfort to walk around for a while off the bike.

If you're on the hunt this season for a stylish sport touring boot that will perform extremely well across the board, the Fulcrum Gore-Tex boots should definitely be a consideration. Check out more choices by visiting our Dainese Boots and Sport Touring Boots sections.


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