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Cortech Latigo Waterproof & Air Boots Review

The much anticipated Cortech Latigo Waterproof Boots and Cortech Latigo Air Boots have finally arrived, and they deliver a tremendous value at a reasonable price point. The waterproof version is a great option for the sport tourer or foul-weather track enthusiast. The air option is a protective, high-airflow and high-performance track boot designed with the weekend warrior and entry-level trackday rider in mind. Each of these boots provides a great deal of protection and a ton of value right around the $150 price point. They are going to compete head-to-head with anything within their class as Cortech has made an excellent product for 2011.

Check out our Cortech Latigo Waterproof & Air Boots Review:

Let's start with what differentiates these boots and then get into their commonalities. Very clearly, the Air boot features a ton of perforation while the Waterproof is a solid synthetic leather upper. The Waterproof version also has a HiPora waterproof breathable membrane that will keep all precipitation out but allows your foot to breathe and sweat to evaporate through this layer. The membrane works in conjunction with the moisture-wicking breathable comfort liner to keep your foot cool and dry all day long. The Air has an Air-Mesh moisture-wicking bubble liner that differs slightly but will also act to keep your foot and lower leg comfortable in the most active of riding scenarios. Also, a gaiter backs the entry of the WP version to maintain waterproofing.

Okay, let's get into the similarities of these boots. Each of them is loaded with hard part protection throughout, crucial for the safety of the spirited sport rider and trackday enthusiast. At the toe, there is a replaceable molded TPU slider that will help in the event of a lowside crash. Both medially and laterally at the ankle, you'll find TPU hard parts that serve two purposes. First, in the event of a get-off, these will allow you to slide, rather than having the synthetic leather grip, twist and pull, which could cause serious damage. Next, the tongue-and-groove design limits the range of motion to prevent ankle damage by stopping hyperextension and hyperflexion.

The toe box is reinforced and heel cup features a bulked-up vented and contoured TPU cup at the exterior which will prevent crushing. At the shin, a molded TPU hard part guards against a footpeg injury and it is backed by shock-absorbing foam. Elasticated stretch panels at the instep and achilles are backed by shock-absorbing foam, and a hard TPU protector can be found at the achilles and calf area. At the medial side of each boot, there is a high-grip panel to help interface with the fairings. Each boot has a TPU shifter pad, an orthopedic vibration-absorbing insole, and a high-grip anti-slip rubber sole. The entry is an adjustable velcro flap with an autolocking zipper.

Gaiter-Backed WP Boot Entry
Simply stated, there is a ton of value to be found in the brand new Cortech Latigo Boots. Stepping up a tier in price, you'd find some extremely high-tech features, but most of those aren't necessary for the spirited street rider and occasional trackday enthusiast. These boots provide a ton of bang-for-the-buck at the price point and the competition can not be happy.

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