Friday, January 29

Video Review: Alpinestars Tech Aero Backpack

Yes the Alpinestars Tech Aero Backpack is one of those backpacks that "does it all" - and I know we've all heard it before... BUT....

I personally use this backpack everyday and ride as well as travel with it frequently. I will admit that for the price, it should do just about everything besides give you a back rub, but Alpinestars realized what needed to go into a apex product like this and executed quite well IMO.

For a full feature rundown, the product description nails it and the video covers the pack in depth, so be sure to watch it.

For the purposes of this post I think I am going to home in on my favorite features of the pack.

1. The Rain Fly which lives in its own pocket. I have used this many times and it works extremely well. Check out the pic of me caught in a downpour leaving the 2009 Mugello MotoGP. I was wet. My DSLR and Video Equipment were saved from ruin by the rain fly on this pack, thank god. (Look at the poor bastard in the poncho with no shoes, it's a sad state of affairs right there)

2. Expandability - This pack, via a waterproof external zipper goes from low profile and thin to expanded to hold a good amount of stuff. On the bike it's always in low-pro mode and when I travel I typically expand and pack a MacBook Pro, DSLR (in its case), Chargers, a book or two and other goodies. Its nice to have that flexibility.

3. Reinforced Laptop protective sleeve built in. Enough said.

4. Clear fold down Map / Easy-Pass Pocket on the sternum. Great space for anything that you would need readily available for your ride.

5. The low profile and aggressive shape of the pack nicely fits with any Alpinestars Jacket or other motorcycle leather I am wearing.

The Alpinestars Tech Aero is not an impulse buy, its 100% for the serious rider / traveler, but there is a ton of value to it. It gets the BoochZilla seal of approval.

It also comes in a tank bag: Alpinestars Tech Aero Tank Bag and there is a less functional but cheaper version called the Alpinestars Charger Backpack as well.

You can see all of the Alpinestars Backpacks, Bags and Luggage at

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Thursday, January 28

New Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact Tire - Let's you measure up!

You have to love it when brands finally figure out who their target audience is. :-)

Mines bigger! Oh yeah, prove it!

RevZilla is proud to announce we will be carrying the new Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact Tire Soon

All new for 2010, the Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact tire is set to redefine the motorcycle industry with its proprietary Chicken Strip Assessment Technology. Do your buddies brag about how far over they can lean their bike? How they’re the next Golden God of Canyon Carving? With Metzler’s Chicken Strip Assessment Technology system, there’s little doubt about how much you’re compensating for something else; and now you can rate your manhood on a scale from 1 to 5. Now go chase that crazy elephant! Chase him!

Should be available this spring at and should begin to ship mid Feb 2010.

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Wednesday, January 27

BlueAnt Interphone F4 Stereo Bluetooth Kit - A New Option In Bluetooth Communications

We have always done very well with the Scala Rider line of bluetooth headsets for bike-bike communications. Now there is a new option which we are very excited about.

The new BlueAnt Interphone F4 is a bit of a game changer as it brings true stereo and AD2P into the fold.

This headset has clamps or adhesive to work with virtually any helmet (full face, open face or half). It allows you to connect your GPS, phone, as well as a MP3 player and listen to them in full stereo. Additionally, each F4 unit can connect to up to two other F4 units for bike-bike intercom communications. The range is pretty considerable at 1640ft.

The units are covered by a 2 year warranty from BlueAnt, and are 100% waterproof (up to a depth of 3ft).

WebBikeWorld just did a great writeup on the unit, but if anyone has any specific questions not answered just give us a ring at 877-792-9455. These are in stock and shipping now.

Video Review: Alpinestars Vector Leather Jacket

As always it's an Alpinestars Jacket. That means CE rated shoulder and elbow bio armor. Temperfoam back and chest panels. Also it has a 360 degree zip, 1.4 mil cowhide and locking arm zippers.

Why is the 2009 Alinestars Vector Leather Jacket so special you may ask? Two reasons in my book, one is the external hardpart armor, perf'd leather and race features which are a nice upgrade for the price of this jacket - $549.

The other noteworthy element is the color orange. Yup it's KTM ORANGE - I can't show you many race level leathers with full track functionality that come in one of the most exotic moto colors around - orange.

This jacket is a medium to high end leather with a reasonably aggresive preshape, race fit and all of the elements that make this a great track coat but give it some everyday sport riding range as well.

Like I said, its got its own flavor and all of he track attributes you need - but orange? KTM Orange. So nice.

Now off to buy my RC-8, I already know what jacket I'm rocking.

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Tuesday, January 26

BREAKING: 2010 REV'IT! Sand Jacket & Pants to Ship This Friday (1/29)


Just got word that the 2010 REV'IT! Sand Jacket & Pants could ship as early as this Friday (1/29). If you preordered from us You should receive your Sand Jacket next week.

For those of you who missed our previous article, the Sand Jacket and Pants are new form REV'IT! for 2010 and are a 4 season option at a medum price point for REV'IT!. They also come in 2 color options, Grey, Black and Safari Tan. They are successors to the Off Track and Dakar Combo and should be more functional and cool in hot weather temps. Check out our HD video for the full rundown.

We are excited to get these in the hands of our customers and get some real rider feedback on the new flagship REV'IT! Jacket jacket.

Heyo! The Season is starting already and we love it.

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New Scorpion EXO-900 Hi-Viz Yellow Modular Helmet

For some time our customers have been asking for a High Visibility (Neon Yellow) helmet option - we have been communicating that to our manufacturers, but product development, including new colors for gear, moves slower than you think. For those of you not familiar with Hi-Vis - it's not yellow, it's neon day-glow yellow which is meant to make a rider as unmissable as possible while on their bike in any light. It is a big safety feature.

It's been on the horizon for some time but the new Hi-Viz Yellow EXO-900 Scorpion Helmet has finally started shipping as of yesterday. High-Five Scorpion!

The modular EXO-900 has been a well received and versatile option from Scorpion since 2009. A nice spin on typical modular helmets if you ask me, although I have not adventured in one myself at this point other than trying one on in the showroom. We are just happy to have a bright and safe top-end helmet with features to match the needs of the commuters, tourers and adventurers who will look to match it with their Hi-Viz Jacket options like the REV'IT! Dragon Jacket, Olympia Airglide 3 Jacket and Alpinestars Frontier Jacket

Check out the video demo of the EXO-900 from Scorpion:

As always we're here to help. Shoot us a line with any questions about the EXO-900 you may have and we will be happy to answer them.

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Monday, January 25

Video Review: REV'IT! Balaclava Buying Guide & Overview at

We get the "which Balaclava is the right one" question a ton, especially with the top tier REV'IT! Balaclavas which are all new for 2010 and a shade more expensive. In turn, we did a video buying guide and overview with Tex from REV'IT!. Hope this fills in a lot of blanks with regard to the lineup, their uses and whats truely different / better about them.

Endless thread technology, Hydratex membrane and flat seams just get me excited on base-layers as a whole. At distance, the higher quality materials and construction really do provide the creature comfort factor which makes a big difference. It's really all about the little things and details on these guys.

Check out the Tracker (warm), Blaze (warmer and pictured above) and Rainstar H2o (full on waterproof) balaclavas...

There is also the wrap wind collar as well for those who dont need the "full-pull" of a wind collar.

You can see all of the REV'IT! balaclavas and base layers here.

As always all questions or feedback are welcome.

Rubbin's racin',


Thursday, January 21

Customer Profile: Stu H. - Riding and Racing Keep You Young

Meet Stu H. from California.

He's been racing for 44 years and in the last little while he's be doing it with Fibromyalgia. He recently picked up a motorcycle helmet from us and over the course of some emails we discovered that to us, he truly is the embodiment of what this sport is built on; a deep love of motorcycling. We asked Stu if we could share some of his story on our blog. He obliged.

He noted his career highlights were racing A.H.R.M.A. in 2006, 2007, 2008 and getting to race at Daytona. His best formula 500 finish was on a Dave Evans built CB 550 Honda in 1975.

After four and a half decades of riding, ripping and racing, he's not about to let a doctor tell him he's too old or too sick to do anything. "Racing and riding keep you young", he says.

Damn right Stu. I want to be you when I grow up.

Two Wheels Down,


Wednesday, January 20

Alvaro Bautista Moves to MotoGP Class and Joins Team REV'IT! for 2010

REV'IT! is proud to announce: Alvaro Bautista


Taking it to the next level. That is what Alvaro Bautista decided to do this year. 2010 Will be the first year for Alvaro Bautista to compete in the King's Class: MotoGP. Alvaro Bautista was looking for a partner that could meet up with his wishes and demands. He found it in REV'IT!

Alvaro Bautista is no stranger in the GP. In 2002 he had his first Grand Prix debut. He started out in 125cc and then moved up to 250cc, where he also scored many podiums and victories. Last year Alvaro Bautista finished fourth in the 250cc championship. Now it is time to fight along with the big guys. Together with the official Rizla Suzuki MotoGP team, Alvaro Bautista will be fighting for the 2010 championship.

"It was very important for me to have the opportunity to work directly with a factory team. The Rizla Suzuki MotoGP team was the one that could offer this to me, so I decided to work with them.

I am very excited about upcoming season. It will be a whole new experience: new bike, new team, new championship. At this moment I am working out a lot. The bike has more power and also weighs more, so I need to be in good condition.

Like me, REV'IT! is learning and improving all the time. I am very much looking forward to be fighting for the championship in my REV'IT! leathers."

REV'IT! is proud to announce, Alvaro Bautista will be competing in a REV'IT! racesuit and looks forward to working with this new MotoGP hero.

Check out Dorna's Official MotoGP Site for More!


Video Review: Alpinestars Verona Jacket

More 2010 Alpinestars City Collection in 3..2...1... go....

Its waist length and fully waterproof and breathable via its Dry-Star membrane. It comes in 3 colors (Black, Grey and Desert) and has full scale CE rated Alpinestars Bio-Armor. It has a trendy city look and feel with a removable thermal liner with collar for added 3 season warmth.

Basically if you were keeping score this Alpinestars Verona Jacket is as just as functional as it is stylish, both on and off the bike. I have not ridden in it yet, but it fit like a glove and the neoprene lined cuffs and collar along with Astars locking Zipper system were a nice finishing touch.

The big brother & 3/4 length version of this jacket is the Alpinestars Messenger Jacket which we previously talked about.

Personally I am a fan of the Verona over the Messenger - but I do live in Philly and ride a naked Ducati. Ey, how you doin'?


ps. I know this writeup is a bit cheeky, but I was bored last night when I wrote it.

Tuesday, January 19

Video Review: Alpinestars Messenger Jacket

New for late 2009 and part of their City Collection, the Alpinestars Messenger Jacket is a different take on motorcycle protective gear.

The Messenger is styled to be a good looking coat not taking into account all of the functional and protective features. It comes in Olive and black and the 3/4 style will look great off the bike.

We really like it because it has a durable outer shell with the Alpinestars Drystar waterproof / breathable membrane built in. It also has a removable thermal lining with CE rated Astars Bio Armor in both the shoulders and back.

This is a serious 3 season motorcycle jacket in disguise for an everyday coat. Don't be fooled. We are seeing this trend throughout a lot of our product this year and Alpinestars has come on strong with their City Collection really addressing this need for a non-storm trooper jacket option well.

Where the rubber meets the road...


Monday, January 18

RevZilla on Facebook - Blowing Up!

Have you seen our new and improved RevZilla Motorsports Facebook Page?

We recently relaunched it and it is taking off like a rocket! Our Twitter, Blog and Youtube channel have great followings in their own right, but we have seen a different level of interaction between our customers fans and ourselves to date. We will be heavily focusing on it moving forward can't wait to continue the dialogue with all of our die-hard supporters and fans.

Facebooking on with your bad self.


Video Review: REV'IT! Comet Glove

I am in the mood for adventure this week. Actually I think I am always in the mood for adventure. I think my wife is the one who pays for it. :-)

We have been selling the heck out of the REV'IT! Comet Glove since it came out in Feb of '09 - and for good reason.

The REV'IT!Comet was released as the successor to the very popular REV'IT! R59 and features a warm to medium temperature short cuff option with great protection, feel and style at a $75 price. They also come in two colors. Like I said; home run.

Most of the feedback we have received has gone something like this "These gloves are a joy. They are comfortable and stylish. They definitely run small so get a size up. Great for spring/summer/early fall riding. Terrific protection and great mobility...drop a coin, no need to remove the glove to pick it up! Worth the investment." via Jose L.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Ride or die... lol


Thursday, January 14

Video Review: REV'IT! Apache H20 Boots

Being a staple for some time, many riders have come to love he REV'IT! Apache H20 Boots. They are REV'IT!'s top end adventure touring boot geared for all seasons and conditions.

They are waterproof and breathable and feature a steel shank reinforced sole as well as a full leather and composite outer for protection and strength. The Apaches also have enough "beef" to them to keep you comfortable for both temperature extremes.

Many folks ask us about our boot recommendations when they are buying motorcycle jackets like the REV'IT! Cayenne Pro or Dainese D-System. The REV'IT! Apache's perform on the same level as the duely revered Sidi Adv Boots as well as the TCX touring lineup.

Any questions, comments and discussion welcome.

Ride or die .... :-)


Wednesday, January 13

Icon Variant Helmet Now Taking Preorders at

We posted a preview video of the Icon Variant a few days back of the new Icon helmet for 2010.  We have received shots, colors, graphics and part numbers for the new The Icon Variant Helmet which is Motard / hybrid inspired, and are happy to post them here.

It is now available for preorder at in 5 solid colors including Rubatone Black as well as 3 Graphic colors in the Icon Etched Variant Helmet version.

We have not worn or ridden in one yet, but when we do you can be assured that we will have a video review on RevZillaTV as well as opinion on it. It should start shipping in early Feb of this year.

Rubbin's Racin....


Olympia X-Moto Jacket & Pants Hi-Res Spy Photos!

Rumors had been flying for some time about a new All-Season Adventure Jacket and Pant combo from Olympia. We knew there was meat to those rumors, but we were sworn to secrecy... until now.

Check out our HI-RES Photos of the new Olympia X-Moto Jacket and Pant combo which is due out early February from Olympia. This is a do-it-all approach to adventure touring featuring a three layer system comprised of wind-water and thermal removable liners. There are also large zip panels on the chest, arms, back and legs which open and secure down revealing mesh for great ventilation in the hottest weather.

Pricing should be reasonable for the combo, delivering a lot of bang for the buck with regard to some of the other higher end technical suits.

As always we're happy to answer any questions about the new gear. When it becomes available the Olympia X-Moto Jacket and Pants will be available in the Olympia Jackets section of

Two Wheels Down,


Tuesday, January 12

VIDEO REVIEW: Alpinestars Protection & Armor Buying Guide and Overview

We just shot this Alpinestars Protection Overview and Buying Guide. It covers sizing, materials, models and uses. This video should help anyone investigating their options for Alpinestars Armor to know which armor is right for them.

Notable to us was the fact that Alpinestars develops, tests and manufacturs all of its own armor in-house - something that is very impressive considering that many other companies outsource their Armor to companies developing products and materials which are not expressly developed with motorcycle rider in mind. +1 Astars!

You can see the whole Alpinestars Protection and Armor line at


New RevZilla T-Shirt Designs - Help us pick!

New RevZilla T-shirt Coming Soon - We want your input - Which is your favorite 1) Piston Style 2) Crest Style 3) Flame Style 4) Favorite overall - Also let us know any other feedback. I guess we're using our "ask the audience", Regis.

You can leave your feedback in the comments or friend us on Facebook and leave your feedback there.


Monday, January 11

Video Review: Alpinestars GP Pro Race Gloves

Check out RevZillaTV's video to see more detail on the features that make the Alpinestars GP Pro Glove the top of the line race gauntlet. This is the bad boy worn by Nicky Hayden and Casey Stoner in MotoGP. All in, this is the peak of the race glove food chain from Alpinestars and this motorcycle glove will give the REV'IT! GT Corse and Dainese Full Metal Racer a run for their money.

Two Wheels Down,


Saturday, January 9

Video Review: Alpinestars Apex Leather Pants

Suited for everyday as well as spirited road and track riding, the Alpinestars Apex Leather pants have a semi-aggressive 3/4 preshape for comfort on and off the bike with all the functionality and features you will need for a trackday.

Sport Knee Sliders, a 360 zip for jacket connectivity and elasticated stretch panels built into the 1.4 mil cowhide round out the features on this staple from Alpinestars.

The bottom line for the aggressive street rider who hits the racetrack here and there this is probably the best suited leather pant from Astars. If you hit the track more often and are no stranger to draggin the knee, the Alpinestars Track Leather Pants provide some a dual compound race slider and a much more aggressive fit and pre-shape - they'd be the better buy. The Track Leather Pants also have a much tighter fit than the Apex's semi-tight fit.


Friday, January 8

Arai RX-Q Helmet Video Review

Standing on the shoulders of what Arai Helmets had done previously with the Corsair V, Arai has now fired back with a comparable helmet suited for street riding. The RX-Q is a Corsair V with new features and component configuration which allow it to be quiet, comfortable and protective for everyday use. It is also Snell M2010 certified.

Watch the video to see how the slight modifications to the Corsair V chassis allow all of the best features to translate into the street focused RX-Q while losing some of the potentially overkill race focused elements. Losing some of those features has also allowed the price of the RX-Q to start somewhere around $600 vs the much higher priced Corsair V which is 20-30% more expensive.

See all of the Arai RX-Q Helmets

You can also check out our Arai Helmets Model Overview / Buyers Guide Here.

Two Wheels Down,

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Thursday, January 7

Arai Helmet Buying Guide & 2010 Model Overview Video

The Arai Helmet lineup is evolving, the features are improved, the models have changed, the Quantum Helmet is gone but the new Arai RX-Q Helmet is new. We figured it was time for a new video to act as a 1000 foot breakdown of the models, price ranges and features.

Call it an Arai Helmet buying guide or overview, but really if you want to quickly learn about the differences in the Arai lineup and where you should start your search, hopefully this video from RevZillaTV gets it done.

In addition, you can compare brands by reading through our article on Arai vs Shoei.

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Wednesday, January 6

Icon Variant Super-Motard Helmet coming Spring 2010

It's Official and it's nasty. That's nasty in a good way for those of you who weren't sure. Icon Helmets is releasing a motard hybrid style helmet called the Variant to its lineup for the February of this year. We don't know a ton yet but as more is released we will post pics and info.

My guess is it will probably fall somewhere in the $250-$350 range and will be a nice motard option for someone who wants something a bit more stylish or edgy than An Arai XD3 or Shoei Hornet DS.


Tuesday, January 5

The REV'IT! 2010 Catalogue - Euro-Moto-Porn at its finest

REV'IT! has just released its 2010 Catalogue with full breakdowns and descriptions of all the new for 2010 goodies.

Go Check it out. The cover is sweet.


Monday, January 4

REV'IT! and GORE-TEX Announce Partnership & Product Development Test Team Program

As many of you who have spoken to the Team or follow recently read, REV'IT! and GORE-TEX are teaming up to bring adventure touring motorcycle gear to new heights in 2010. For those of you who don't know GORE-TEX - they invented waterproof and breathable membranes and liners and have continued to pioneer the space. This is should be exciting to REV'IT! fans because it denotes potential improvement upon already stellar performance in the REV'IT! line moving forward.

REV'IT! and GORE-TEX are also joining forces to field an 2010 R&D and Prototype Product Development Test Team comprised of Hard Core Motorcycle Riders from all locales to field-test and and offer feedback on potential new products before they hit production lines. The hope is that more qualified rider feedback earlier and at a higher frequently during development will allow for better product refinement and vetting before a product goes to market. The end goal is more focused, innovative and quality products in the hands of the adventure rider much more rapidly. It will also eliminate the need for minor revisional improvements year to year on the same model garments moving forward based upon mass use over time.

We are fired up about this course of events and we're fired up for our friends, fellow inmates and customers to be able to be part of the development process.

To fill out the extensive tester application please visit and go from there. Also we at will be happy to answer any questions and facilitate any rider in helping them apply to the program.

Please see the official Press Release from REV'IT! Sport USA below.

Anthony Bucci

=== For Immediate Release=====
SUBJECT: REV’IT! Sport International and GORE-TEX form the motorcycle apparel industry’s first rider test team for product development.

REV’IT! Sport International and GORE-TEX have formed the motorcycle apparel industry’s first prototype and product development test team composed exclusively of rider-enthusiasts.

The purpose of this team is to learn firsthand how our products are used, how they perform in real world conditions, and what the perceived success of these new products will be in the market, says Jordan Levitt, REV’IT!’s North American Director. Both REV’IT! and GORE-TEX are market leading brands, with a focus on new technologies which will improve the quality, comfort and safety of motorcycle apparel.

Colin Bell, Motorsports Garments, GORE-TEX says "We are delighted to announce our new cooperation with the Netherlands based brand REV'IT!. REV'IT! is a well known and respected motorcycle apparel brand globally, thanks to their innovative and stylish designs and their proactive approach to garment technology and functionality. We believe that this proactively and focus makes REV'IT! and GORE-TEX® products a very complimentary partnership and we are very optimistic about our future business together.

The process is as follows: Riders who are interested in becoming part of the team may fill out an extensive survey at where they will input information about their riding habits, clothing sizes and other information allowing REV’IT! and GORE-TEX to assemble the team. The initial pool of riders is expected to be from 300-500 selectees, which will be divided into groups of 50 team members. These team members will receive products for testing, and will be expected to complete a product specific performance log on a regular basis during the life of the test. This data will be used to improve the products prior to the introduction to the market.

According to Mr. Levitt, riders are often vocal concerning their desires, likes and dislikes in regards to motorcycle apparel. For the first time ever, we are allowing them to become part of the development process. It’s very exciting for us to have direct rider interaction we expect that it will be exciting for the team members as well. To apply to become a test team member, simply go to www.motorcyclelab.comand apply.
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