Thursday, May 31

Icon Helmets Summer 2012

Brand new for late spring, early summer 2012, Icon has released three new graphic options of the very popular Icon Alliance. Check out some photos of them below, and be certain that we will do HD video breakdowns of them as soon as we can get them in our hands.

Icon Alliance Chieftan

Icon Alliance Cherry Pop

Icon Alliance Nikova

Friday, May 25

Arai Vector 2 Graphics - New!

Some new graphic options of the extraordinarily popular Arai Vector 2 are available now, and we've got some quick HD video reviews of them which will give you an up-close look at the details in the paint schemes of each of these lids. Check `em out below!

Arai Vector 2 ID Review:

Arai Vector 2 ID

Arai Vector 2 Marker Review:

Arai Vector 2 Marker

Arai Vector 2 Schwantz Review:

Arai Vector 2 Parkes Review:

Arai Vector 2 Parkes

Arai Vector 2 Stage Review:

Arai Vector 2 Stage

Arai Vector 2 Bright Review:

Arai Vector 2 Stripe Review:

Arai Vector 2 Classic Star Review:

Arai Vector 2 Classic Star

Nolan Helmets Guide

Based out of Bergamo, Italy, Nolan Helmets has been designing and manufacturing high-quality lids for the sport and touring markets since the early 70s. Thanks to their innovation and continual refinement of helmet models, Nolan has captured more than half of the motorcycle helmet market in Europe. The entire life cycle of every Nolan Helmet sees each phase of its development take place at the Nolan facilities in Bergamo, from development and design through final production. The newest helmets in their line are the Nolan N104 (at right), a groundbreaking modular, and the Nolan N85, the first full face offering from Nolan to make it to the US.

Check out our Nolan Helmets Guide to get a better understanding of the brand and products offered from Nolan:

To see more options similar to those from Nolan, visit our modular helmets page.


Nolan N104 Review
Nolan N85 Review
Nolan N43 Review

Wednesday, May 23

Bridgestone Motorcycle Tire Guide

Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires are utterly ubiquitous in the industry, as they are the exclusive tire used on the MotoGP circuit. The Bridgestone Tire Company was began in Japan in 1931, and they acquired Firestone (founded in 1900 in Akron, Ohio) in 1988 to form the world's largest tire company. At present, Bridgestone operates 52 production operations with over 50,000 employees in the Americas alone. The motorcycle-specific division of Bridgestone tires began right after WWII, quickly ascended to the top of the pack of motorcycle tire manufacturers, and remained there ever since. In this post, we're going to go through the several video guides for Bridgestone Tires that we recently shot.

First is our Bridgestone Tire Guide:

This guide will be a great jumping off point for anyone seeking out motorcycle tires for the first time. This is a brief overview of the brand and the several on-road tires that they offer. The videos that follow are much more in-depth looks at each of the tires that are featured in our overview.

Next is our Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport Tire Guide:

This is the guide designed for the sport and track rider. The first tire featured in this guide is the Bridgestone Battlax BT-003 RS which is primarily a track tire that can crossover to the street (70% track, 30% street). Next up is the Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S20 (at right), a brand new tire that offers excellent performance for sport riding and wet grip, but can also get you to the track. Finally, the Bridgestone Battlax BT-016 has been around for a few years, and is the economical sport tire choice in the Bridgestone lineup. Many riders will recognize this as a classic sport tire, one of the first great dual compound options available. The upgrade from the BT-016 to the S20 will make sense for most sport riders due to its versatility.

Next is our Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 Review:

The Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 is designed for longest sport riding and sport touring in all weather conditions. An excellent tire in the rain, the BT-023 features a dual compound construction that provides extended longevity, comfort, and good grip in the dry and the wet. This is a great fit for the sport rider looking for an agile tire that will excel in all weather conditions.

Next is the Bridgestone Exedra Max Review:

The Bridgestone Exedra Max is built for Japanese and metric cruisers, with a specific tread pattern and wide profile shape that accommodates long-distance touring. It has been around for nearly 30 years, and the newest iteration features a single rubber compound and a tread pattern that forces water out, promoting excellent wet grip to complement its dry grip. Comfortable and offering excellent longevity, the Bridgestone Exedra Max is a solid choice for many metric and Japanese cruiser riders.

Next is our Bridgestone Exedra Goldwing Review:

The Bridgestone Exedra Goldwing, as you may have suspected, is currently the stock tire for the Honda Goldwing GL1200, GL1500 and GL1800 motorcycles. If you're a Goldwing rider, and you're looking for the OEM tire to replace the tires that came on your bike, this is the one. There is not much more to say.

Last in our featured Bridgestone guides is the Bridgestone Battlewing Review:

The Bridgestone Battlewing is the dualsport motorcycle tire in their lineup. Built for 80% on-road and 20% off-road, the Battlewing tires are an ideal option for big ADV touring bikes, like the BMW GS or Ducati Multistrada, and are the OEM tire for this year's Yamaha Super Tenere. These silica-enriched V-speed rated tires use a single compound and will perform exceptionally well both in the dry and the wet. The unique tread pattern is designed to be quiet on the road but features deep enough grooves that loose soil is easily moved out of the way.


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Thursday, May 17

AGV Diesel Mowie Helmet Review

Teamed up with Italian helmet manufacturer AGV, the Diesel Mowie is a fighter pilot inspired open face helmet designed for the scooter market.The AGV Diesel Mowie helmet presents very polished details: fabric and leather made in Italy, the mythical "Diesel Mohawk" in high density raised leather, shiny chrome raised logo on the back, and padded ergonomic neck protection which is a removable cold weather neck roll attached with a zipper.

AGV Diesel Mowie Review:


One of the most obvious features of the Mowie is the flip-down fighter pilot shield made out of anti-scratch polycarbonate and is also available in smoked, yellow, orange and green. The helmet ships with a clear  with a UV filtering visor. There is a gasket at the top that creates a seal to keep the weather out. The shield works well in blocking wind on city streets, but at highway speeds the cool looking eye protection may provide too much air. The cloth lining is fully removable and washable with the diesel logo. Light and DOT rated, the helmet comes in two shell sizes and a range of eight colors. 

A micro ratcheting system on a padded chin strap makes it secure and easy to adjust. The construction and detail is impressive for a scooter helmet due to its function, style and quality. The helmet comes in a cool army green carry bag.

The Mowie represents another solid collaboration from AGV Helmets and Diesel. To see all options in this category, visit our open face motorcycle helmets section. 


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Wednesday, May 16

Dainese Carbon Leather Jacket Review

The Dainese Carbon Leather Jacket is a crossover piece that borders on high fashion. Its  vintage inspired piece-dyed full grain leather is of the softest cowhide. Its short collar design, cotton liner and hip length with two outside zippered pockets make it more of a lifestyle piece. Zippers at the arm cuff add to the city look.

Dainese Carbon Review:


Carbon fiber inserts on the shoulders are complemented by innovative technical solutions like the soft new Pro-Shape protectors at the elbows, certified to Standard EN 1621.1/97. These protectors ensure excellent comfort and ergonomics. There are two external zippered pockets, one functional inside pocket and an additional pocket for the G1 and G2 back protector.

The Carbon Leather Jacket is another standout option in the Dainese city collection. To see comparable choices, visit our leather motorcycle jackets page.


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Tuesday, May 15

MachineartMoto Brand Overview

MachineartMoto focuses on specialized components for the BMW R1200R, R1200GS and GS Adventure and the F650 and F800 GS models with fitments for both standard and ESA equipped BMW's.
The products, which are marketed under the "MachineartMoto" or "mamo" logo, include the X-head Engine Guard, the MudSling Rear Fender, the Slipscreen Sport Flyscreen and the Avant 12 Front Fender Extender.

The MachineartMoto Mudsling protects your suspension from mud, tar, rocks & reduces clean-up. Precision molded from high impact ABS plastic, the MudSling is typically finished in matte black or matte metallic black. It is very light and somewhat flexible, but once mounted it is an absolutely solid component that integrates perfectly.
The MudSling mounts in less than 10 minutes with included hardware and the only tool needed is a T25 Torx driver, which comes standard in many BMW OEM tool kits located under the seat. Once mounted, the stock shock protector can be removed to show off the entire shock spring.

MachineartMoto MudSlingMAX is reshaped to provide 12% more coverage compared with our former model and fits all suspensions - stock, aftermarket, and ESA. It is also shaped to fit all OEM & most aftermarket side cases mounts.

The MachineartMoto Avant 12 adds front fender length for superior mud, tar, & rock splash back control without having to drill holes in your fender to mount it.
It's easy to install with 3 Avant screw mounts that securely grip the underside of the fender. Injection molded in a resilient plastic resin, it exactly matches the texture of the stock fender, & the angled wings provide wide coverage without looking wide. Also available as the MachineartMoto Avant 8.6 for smaller BMW bikes.

MachineartMoto X-Head Review:

The MachineartMoto X-Head DOHC is designed to cover more of the cylinder head than other guards to protect the center during a fall. Even in a driveway drop, the force of inertia causes a roll onto the face of the cover before the bike settles onto the cylinder's edge. Between the tough nylon shell and head is a thick rubber liner that helps absorb impact force. Also available as the MachineartMoto X-Head v3 for 2005-2009 R1200 hexhead models and 2010 R1200R, GS, RT, R, ST, MegaMoto, and HP-2.
Included are stainless steel bolts with Nyloc threadlock patches so they stay tight. X-Head DOHC protects while letting just enough of the new head shape to show through. Fits with the following crash bars: BMW OEM; Adventure Designs BMW crash bar extensions; Touratech; Hepco Becker; SW Motech. Does not fit Z-Tecknik bars. The rule of thumb is: if your bars fit with BMW's OEM cylinder guards, they will fit with X-Head DOHC.

MachineartMoto Slipscreen Review:

The MachineartMoto Slipscreen is designed for riders who are annoyed by wind noise and buffeting of the stock GS screen and want a stylish, comfortable alternative for dirt riding and warm weather. Slipscreen is the solution that is short enough not to upset air flow at helmet level reducing noise, while creating a pocket of still air up to chest level for comfort. Made in 4mm high impact ABS, it is finished in satin black metallic, and mounts with the stock hardware to retain adjustability.


Monday, May 14

Kriega Brand Overview

Kriega has unleashed a brand new batch of packs designed for the ultimate experience. With a good range of capacity space in this lineup, Kriega has given riders an excellent option of packs built to fit any rider's need. Their ergonomic design successfully functions and addresses all the needs the rider could ask for. Built to adjust through out the bike and connect to other packs for custom combinations, Kriega has really given us something to rave about here at RevZilla.

Starting off, let's check out the Kriega US-5 Drypack:

The Kriega Drypack system offers great storage options for all types of bikers out there. The US-5 has a 5-litre capacity, 100% water poof main body, YKK water resistant zippers, and a water resistant side access zip pocket. This little pack offers a good amount of storage for your average dirt biker who isn't looking to carry much. The US-5 is reversible and the pack is branded on both sides to allow either side to be the front of the pack. If you're looking to use as a tankbag, you'll need to purchase the Kriega US Tank Adaptor.

Second, we have the Kriega US-10 Drypack.

The Kriega US-10 is an impressive piece of motorcycle storage, offering 10 liters of capacity. Like all the Kriega US bags, it is a 100% waterproof Drypack . The Kriega US-10 motorcycle bag comes equipped with removable shoulder and waist straps. It can be carried courier style, on or off the bike. It can also be used as a tank bag (with addition of US Tank adaptor) or in combination with other US packs to create a supremely adaptable, modular, soft luggage system. 

Third, we can check out the Kriega US-20 Drypack

With a substantial amount of storage the Kriega US-20 is just as impressive as the other Drypacks while offering a storage capacity of 20 liters. Like all the Kriega US bags, it is a 100% waterproof Drypack. The Kriega US-20 motorcycle bag comes equipped with removable shoulder and waist straps. Just like the US-10, it can be carried courier style, on or off the bike. It can also be used as a tank bag (with addition of US Tank adaptor) or in combination with other US packs to create a supremely adaptable, modular, soft luggage system. 

The fourth and final drypack is the Kriega US-30 Drypack

For those looking for the most storage capacity, the Kriega US-30 is the piece of luggage you are looking for! With 30 liters of storage and a 100% waterproof main body, the Kriega US-30 motorcycle bag comes equipped with removable shoulder and waist straps. And as before with the US-10 and 20, the US-30 can be carried courier style, on or off the bike. It can also be used as a tank bag (with addition of US Tank adaptor) or in combination with other US packs to create a supremely adaptable, modular, soft luggage system. 

First in our backpack lineup is the Kriega R20 Backpack

Designed specifically as an 'active' riding pack with the unique Quadloc-lite harness system, the Kriega R20 motorcycle backpack is a unique piece of gear. The harness is size adjustable and allows the backpack to be positioned up or down to make for the best fit. It can be worn with or without a waist strap. One the great features Kriega incorporates into its backpacks is the optional hydration system which on the US20 has a 3-liter reservoir. The Kriega R20 comes with a 20-litre capacity which corresponds to it's name.

Second, we have the Kriega R25 Backpack

This is a personal favorite. The 25-litre capacity has a great amount of cargo space, and with the adjustable QUADLOC harness, it offers a custom tight fit with still room to breath. It's ergonomically designed with no arm restriction for long distance comfort. The Kriega R25 comes with an innovative & extremely efficient load-carrying system designed for motorcycle riders which carries the load on the hips & chest, transferring the majority of the load away from the shoulders and thereby preventing the neck strain experienced with regular rucksacks. 

Third, we can check out the Kriega R30 Backpack

The Kriega R30 backpack is their biggest storage pac they have to offer. It keeps all your personal effects such as your laptop safe from water because the main body is made up of a 100% waterproof membrane and features 2 zipped outer pockets which are water resistant. This backpack also features the innovative QUADLOC harness system you saw in the Kriega R-25. One the best things about the Kriega backpacks is a lot of the time you'll notice backpacks are cramped with individual little pockets for organization, but what Kriega does is offer one big white waterproof bag which makes packing on the fly a breeze. 

Be sure to check out each product page to learn more about what Kriega has to offer with these great pieces.

Keep on ridin,

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