Wednesday, June 30

Arctic Adventure #5: Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral. Why did the French ever build it in Indiana? I think we were friends with them once. :)

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Arctic Adventure #4: Indiana

Just entered Indiana. On my way to Notre Dame and then on to Chicago for the. Will be staying with my friend Marty (originally from South Philly) and his newly minted wife, Sarah.

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REV'IT! CR Jacket: HD Video Review of REV'IT's Retro Jacket

Built with the casual motorcyclist in mind (think moto-guzzi, scooter rider), the REV'IT! CR Textile Jacket brings a vintage style to adorn the protection of a motorcycle jacket. It's a brand new REV'IT! offering that dropped in Spring 2010.

Featuring a protective REV'IT! polycotton Powershell with Lorica reinforcements and Knox CE rated armor with an upgradeable backpad, the REV'IT! CR does not lack in the protective department. REV'IT! added a light coating to the outside of the shell, giving the jacket a matte finish that looks dynamite on or off the bike. The jacket also features a detachable thermal bodywarmer vest and a very comfortable mesh liner, that feels fine being worn on bare skin.

We see this as a great option for the casual scooter or moto-guzzi rider or the rider looking for a retro-styled protective jacket. The CR is also available as women's textile jacket, a women's leather jacket, and a men's leather jacket.

Check out other REV'IT! textile jackets and the full lineup of textile motorcycle jackets that we carry at RevZilla.

Stay stylish,


Arctic Adventure #3: Ohio!


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Arctic Adventure #2: Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a really nice city and it had really nice people. Last night I stayed with Lujo and Limin - other adventure riders I found on I'm about 10 or 15 miles from Ohio heading to Chicago but with a quick stop at Notre Dame in Southbend, Indiana.

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Tuesday, June 29

REV'IT! Armor Video Guide: RevZilla Reviews REV'IT! Protection

Knox, ProLife, SAS-TEC. When talking armor, the differences between manufacturers can be vast and also confusing. We get a ton of questions via phone and email inquiring about armor. Being the #1 REV'IT! dealer in North America, we felt it appropriate to do a review and breakdown of the three kinds of armor used in REV'IT! products. We hope that this video review will help answer some of your questions and help guide you in your motorcycle gear purchases.

I'll throw in a quickie breakdown to supplement the video but be sure to have a look for the in-depth explanation.

Knox is REV'IT!'s basic protection: CE Level 1 rated; constructed with a TPU outer and foam inner; extremely flexible, lightweight, with excellent durability.

ProLife is REV'IT!'s upgraded armor: CE Level 2 rated; made from elastomers, the armor contains micropores of trapped air which absorb and distribute the energy of an impact significantly better than entry-level armor; one streamlined piece of material.

SAS-TEC is REV'IT!'s premium armor: the highest CE rating available, basically CE Level 2+ rated; intelligent molecular level armor that is comfortable and malleable when contacted with body heat but instantly becomes rigid upon impact; the best available impact protection and dispersion of shock across a large surface area; offers maximum mobility and comfort.

Check out all of our REV'IT! motorcycle gear over at

Safe riding,


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Friday, June 25

REV'IT! Sand Jacket & Sand Pants Armor & Liner Video Review

Brand new for 2010, the REV'IT! Sand Jacket & Sand Pants are a prime option for four-season ADV Touring riders at an excellent mid-level price point. The value of this gear certainly outweighs the price, in my opinion.

The Sand combo comes as a replacement for the mega-popular Off-Track Jacket & Dakar Pants. With this outfit, REV'IT! accomplished the impossible: improve the design of those two staples of the lineup. The Sand does just that, positioning itself as apparel capable of getting you through all modes of weather in every season of the year. What really sets this outfit apart is the Hydratex Z-Liner, a detachable waterproof / breathable membrane featured in the jacket & pants. This liner stops any wind and precipitation from hitting your body, but also allows perspiration to escape so you don't steam up like you're wearing trash bags.

Versatility is the key concept in this outfit. There are multiple panels for ventilation, including zips on the arms that keep the cuff closed, but allow air to flow up the arm. The outershell is treated with a PU coating so there's no concern with soaking as water will bead up and roll off. And if it does happen to creep through, the Hydratex liner is the line of defense that will shut it down and keep you dry. The DuPont Thermolite liner will ensure you stay warm in the coldest of cold, but come summertime, pop out all the liners, open the vents, and you can comfortably ride in some pretty hot weather.

Some extra functionality: 7-way adjustable collar with hook & loop lockdown system; multiple pockets including a rabbit pouch for membrane storage; ProLife CE Rated protection which meets the value of CE 2 Level protection; a temperfoam back pad upgradeable to a Knox back protector or a SAS-TEC back protector; adjustability in numerous places.

The entire outfit will come in right at the $729 mark. To quote a customer review from RevZilla, "This is really a four season [outfit] and it looks as good as it protects. By far, this is one of the best I own and worth every penny."

RevZilla is the #1 North American REV'IT! dealer.

Two Wheels Down,


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Old City to Deadhorse (and back) - For another Good Cause.

On June 29th, I'll leave Old City and ride to Deadhorse, Alaska. I'll ride solo 10,370 miles, winding my way through Chicago, and then the Badlands and Black Hills, past Devil's Tower, through Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, through Banff and Jasper National Parks on the Ice Fields Highway; then through the Canadian Rockies on the Cassiar Highway to the Alaska-Canadian Highway; and finally up the unpaved and treacherous Haul road, across the Brooks mountain range to the very top of Alaska, Deadhorse. My return route will be a great big hypotenuse across Canada, above the great lakes, down into New York and finally through PA back to Old City.

I'll ride my trusted '10 BMW R1200GS Adventure which has a brand new set of Anakees for the long haul. I'll camp most nights, however, some riders from have agreed to put me up a few nights along the route.

I'm doing this ride to raise money for Native American women who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault because even after bearing an unfair share of the burden of the Native American experience they are regularly overlooked and routinely receive little help even when they need it most.

The good guys at Revzilla, having heard about my ride have offered to help spread the word by allowing me to post here. So check back regularly for my ride report as I'll be blogging the entire trip. It should prove to be exciting, typos and all.

In case you were wondering, during the day I'm a mild mannered Mac and Network Manager at the Wistar Institute and on the weekends I'm a PA motorcycle safety instructor at the Philly Cycle Center/Aramingo site.

Tony Lucente

Thursday, June 24

Joe Rocket Hybrid DS Helmet Video Review

Joe Rocket's offering in the Dual Sport Enduro world is the Hybrid DS Helmet, a $145 crossover helmet with multifunctional versatility. We put it through the RevZilla wringer so you can see the specs on this guy.

We think that Joe Rocket did a great job with this mid-range Enduro helmet. It offers great versatility: visor on or off, shield on or off, and it even can fit a pair of goggles under the shield for added protection. The interior is removable and washable, constructed of a moisture-wicking and odor-eliminating material. Utilizing Joe Rocket's ACS (Advanced Channeling System) Flow-Through Ventilation, your head is never going to overheat in this helmet on those hotter-than-mercury adventure rides.

We've done a lot of reviews on the array of Dual Sport helmets in our lineup. Stay tuned for the next in the series.


Wednesday, June 23

REV'IT! Turbine Jacket & Turbine Pants HD Video Review

In 2009, REV'IT! set out to make the most indestructible textile hot weather outfit on the market. The result of their toil is the REV'IT! Turbine Jacket & Pants, the premier protective ADV Touring mesh combo out there.

A veritable monster of a combination, the Turbine outfit's outershell is constructed of 500D & 750D Powershell with 1000D Cordura reinforcements and heavy-duty (but breathable) Dynax mesh. SuperFabric, panels of laser-welded ceramic plates, can be found in the impact areas, offering 14x the abrasion-resistance of Kevlar. Upgrading from their basic Knox armor, REV'IT! utilized ProLife CE protection at the shoulders, knees & elbows. ProLife's protection is in line with a CE Level 2 rating, although they only use that scale for back protection. Perforated Temperfoam comes stock as the backpad, but it is upgradeable to either the Knox back protector or the SAS-TEC back protector.

So that's the protection side of things. You can be assured that you'll be safe with this outfit on. Next up is airflow. I already talked about the Dynax mesh panels. They are everywhere in this outfit. You have four large panels in the chest, panels that run the entirety of the inner arm on each sleeve, enormous panels on the front and back of each leg, and a mammoth exhaust panel on the back of the jacket. The best part about the breathability is the fact that the mesh itself is tightly-woven for superior impact protection. Like I said earlier, this is the summertime textile outfit.

RevZilla is the #1 North American REV'IT! dealer.

Check out its competitors in our mesh motorcycle jackets and summer motorcycle pants section on over at


Also, don't miss our previous post featuring the REV'IT! Turbine:

Tuesday, June 22

7 Track Days Slots Available for 4th of July Weekend - $100 Each

We have 7 Track Day Slots with Team Pro-Motion available in the North East for the holiday weekend ion two weeks.

You can purchase any of the dates from us and show up and ride. No need to be a member. Also you can earn a Track Day on any weekend we have available by purchasing a race suit $799 or above on

We are selling the Track Slots at $100 a piece. A savings of at least $75 bucks per slot with no membership fee.

The remaining dates are as follows.

NJMP Thunderbolt (Southern New Jersey) - 1 Slot Available

NJMP Thunderbolt (Southern New Jersey) - 1 Slot Available
Monticello MMC North (Upstate NY) - 2 Slots Available

NJMP Thunderbolt (Southern New Jersey) - 1 Slot Available
Monticello MMC 66 (Upstate NY) - 2 Slots Available

Contact via email if you have any interest.


Dainese Trickster Race Suit Review: Captain Kangaroo

Our video review of the Dainese Trickster Race Suit:

Significantly lighter than cowhide, Kangaroo leather sets the Dainese Trickster Race Suit apart from the rest of the pack. It packs in all the high-end Dainese features as well, which makes it a great option for the serious racer.

Arriving right at the $1999 price point, the Dainese Trickster Kangaroo certainly has something up its sleeve. If you're new to Kangaroo leather, let me break it down: studies have proven that kangaroo is one of the strongest leathers on the market- bottom line, it has higher abrasion resistance than cowhide. It's supple, allowing for great mobility on the track, and incredibly lightweight- you will never feel weighed down when racing. I really can't say enough about its superior quality when compared to cowhide.

Beyond the kangaroo chassis, this suit is fully charged with other classic Dainese features. You have your bi-axial elasticated & S1 stretch panels for comfort, mobility and airflow. CE Rated internal protectors in the shoulders and the knees, topped with Dainese's upgraded titanium shoulder insert and replaceable knee sliders.

It has Dainese's proprietary NanoFeel removable & washable liner. The liner is given a silver ion treatment, the newest technology for maximum sanitization and antibacterial properties for garments. The leather is perforated throughout the suit with additional perforated Temperfoam panels for added safety. Stylistically, the addition of suede split inserts in the arms gives the Trickster a very unique look.

Lastly, I want to hit one of my favorite auxiliary features of this suit. The aerodynamic speed hump has a built in pocket for a water bag, so for those really intense track days or races, you can feed the provided hose from the pack under your helmet to stay hydrated.

This racing suit is in the upper echelon of not just Dainese, but any suit that's out there on the market. It's packed with features that the regular track guy or racer is sure to appreciate.

To compare and contrast, visit our section of motorcycle race suits.

To see Dainese's full lineup of suits, visit the Dainese Race Suit section of our site.

Get on the track!


Monday, June 21

Dio Metal God Tribute & Moto Music Video Contest

On May 16, 2010, the world of Metal music was shaken by the death of the Metal God, Ronnie James Dio. This tragedy has rattled the entire crew at RevZilla HQ, who have always held the man who pioneered the Metal Horns in high esteem.

One day as we sat around the office listening to "Holy Diver" on full-tilt, we decided that if Dio were riding a bike with us, he'd unquestionably be rocking the Icon Metal God jacket. This conversation led us through a series of brainstorming sessions which eventually led us to one conclusion: we have no choice but to make a video paying homage to our favorite musician. The last song the legend ever recorded is called "Metal Will Never Die." Thanks to you, Ronnie, it certainly will not. Dio has left an indelible stamp on heavy metal, and our tribute video is our way of further immortalizing the man with pipes of gold. Rest in Peace.

We had a great time making the video, and we decided that we want all of RevZilla's loyal enthusiasts to have some fun making a moto music video. From the launch of the video today through the end of August, we'll be running a contest. All you have to do is make a moto-themed music video. The premise of the contest is simple. Make a music video featuring whatever you like: babes, bikes, pipes, metal, whatever gets you going. Be creative and have fun. Upload your video as a response to our Dio Music Video on youtube. The gold medalist will win the Metal God jacket featured in the video in addition to $500 in TeamZilla cash. Second place snags $250 in TeamZilla cash, and the bronze medalist takes home any Icon Alliance SSR helmet. Click for Official Contest Rules & Instructions.

As a bonus, we've included our official Behind-the-Scenes Making Of Dio Tribute video.

Have some fun with it and get the chance to win over $2000 in cash & prizes from RevZilla.

Never let the legend die.


Friday, June 18

Shoei Hornet DS Helmet Review: Cover your bases

Ladies and Gentleman, this is the mountaintop. Shoei let the Hornet DS out of its cage in 2009 and it has since seen a meteoric rise to the top of the ADV Touring & Dualsport Enduro market. This helmet is in the ├╝ber upper echelon, available in solids and the sonora color scheme. The Sonora is on crazy discount right now (30% off) arriving at a price point that blows its only rival, the Arai XD3, out of the water.

Why am I going haywire right now? Because this helmet is designed for long-distanced enduro riding: protection and comfort are critical. Shoei hit it out of the park on both fronts.

I'll rattle off some of the features: Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus shell, a lightweight, super-rigid & resilient shell; an extra-wide shield that seals completely against the gasket for complete waterproofing, but also allows for goggles to be worn; adjustable venting for variable ventilation; removable & washable 3D interior that is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic; superior aerodynamics and ergonomics.

Deep breath.

Have a look at the video. Compare it to other Dual Sport motorcycle helmets. This helmet is a winner.

Keep your dome safe,


Thursday, June 17

AFX FX-37 Helmet: A Dual Sport Steal

A summertime steal for any Dual Sport Enduro rider, the AFX FX-37 helmet comes in at the super-low price of $103. Have a look at our detailed video review below for the feature breakdown of this helmet.

The Dual Sport ADV riding sect of motorcycling has been a-boomin' the past decade and as a result, motorcycle helmet manufacturers have been rolling out hybrid-style helmets to meet the needs of these riders. The AFX FX 37 DS has been a great entry-level option for dual sport newcomers since its inception in early 2009.

For a motorcycle helmet at a very reasonable price point, the FX37 is not short of features. Built with composite polyalloy, the aerodynamic shell is complemented by a super-wide peripheral shield that can be removed for open face or goggled riding. Nine points of ventilation translates to a gale force of airflow that will keep your head and face cool. Inside, the guts are removable and washable, and made with a hypo-allergenic anti-microbial nylon.

Remember, it's an entry-level AFX helmet. You won't see the same features or construction as an XD-3 or a Hornet DS, but if you're looking for something to get you going in the dual sport world, the FX-37 is a great place to start.

To check out other lids of this ilk, visit our dual sport helmets section.


Wednesday, June 16

Dainese Red Line Racing Suit Video Review

If you're gonna use a red so bold it looks like fire, your product better deliver. The brand new for 2010 Dainese Red Line Racing Suit absolutely does. This suit is across-the-board quality and, in our opinion, primo at its $1499 price. Hit the track!

Watch Our Dainese Red Line Race Suit Review:

Bursting out like a hot ball of lead, the 2010 Dainese Red Line is packed with features. The video above digs really deep into what's got us going about the suit, so I'll just scratch the surface here.

This is in Dainese's upper echelon of motorcycle racing suits, which means no expense was spared. First off, D-Skin leather, Dainese's proprietary leather, is a massive safety upgrade over traditional cowhide. Using special silicone and wax treatments, the leather has a much softer and more supple feel. More important is the protection: 60% greater tensile strength (lateral tear) and 80% greater abrasion-resistance (road-sliding) than regular cowhide.
That's a pretty serious upgrade.
The next major feature is the 3D Bubble Liner, which creates air pockets between the three dimensional extrusions in the liner. This in turn creates air pockets resulting in microclimate at your core. The body's desired temperature will then be maintained, insulating you from outside hot or cold variables.

For ease of getting in and out, Dainese utilized a W-frame construction, with double zips at the chest, offering added comfort and flexibility. On the same note, S1 Stretch Panels can be found throughout the suit for on-bike mobility. Also, you'll have co-injected titanium sliders on the shoulders with Dainese's knee sliders atop the standard CE rated internal armor. I almost forgot, it also has a water bag built into the speed hump. Like I said, across-the-board quality.

We're super-high on this suit based on all the features and functionality we see at this price point.

If you want to compare their line-up, check out all the Dainese Racing Suits at RevZilla. We'll be rolling out reviews of them shortly.

Or to see all the race suits that we carry, head over to our Racing Suits section at

Until next time,


Tuesday, June 15

Dual Sport & Enduro Helmet Buying Guide

We get a lot of questions at RevZilla about the differences between the variety of Dual Sport Helmets that we carry. They range in price from $100 all the way to $700, and the features are generally commensurate with the price. In this video we wanted to present an array of Dual Sport & Enduro helmets and break down the key differences in functionality and attributes between them. Adventure riding has seen an enormous spike in popularity in the last decade and in turn, manufacturers are paying more attention to the development of these hybrid helmets.

We hope this guide helps in understanding the key differences between the various dual sport & enduro motorcycle helmets that we carry.

To see our individual product pages for any of these helmets, click the links below. Also, stay tuned for RevZillaTV's in-depth individual breakdown videos for each of these helmets.

Until next time,


Monday, June 14

2010 Dainese Stripes Race Suit Review

The Dainese Stripes Race Suit comes in blazing hot as a brand new mid-range professional grade racing suit. The Stripes comes in right at $999, and the feature set is absurdly sweet.

View Our Dainese Striped Race Suit Review:

First, it comes in three colors, including the fire-engine, million-miles-an-hour red (in the video above) that'll let the other guys know who just served them on the track. Now let's get into the features. You've got perforated 1.2-1.4mm race-level cowhide with temperfoam inserts. There is S1 stretch fabric in the critical areas for comfort and mobility. CE Rated protection in the knees and shoulders topped with aluminum inserts on the shoulders and replaceable sliders in the knees. It has bi-elasticated stretch paneling in the areas that need to be most mobile when you hit the race position. A sanitized liner, aerodynamic spoiler, reflective inserts and that classic Dainese style round this guy out.

Honestly, I could continue to ramble about the merits of this suit for another few hundred words. For the sake of brevity: this suit, for a mid-range option, has features and functionality that smoke the competition. Its preshaping is moderate as Dainese designed this suit for the range of riders that hit the track regularly through racers.

Check out all the Dainese Race Suits at RevZilla. Or compare this to the rest of our motorcycle race suits.

We are the largest Dainese Dealer East of the Mississippi.


Friday, June 11

Olympia Recon 2 & Olympia Ranger 2 Pants Video Review

Today we take a look at two staples of the Olympia lineup, RevZilla bestsellers the Recon 2 Pants & Ranger 2 Pants. The Recon 2s are an excellent versatile summer mesh pant option:

A great choice for the rider looking for versatility in the summertime, the Olympia Recon 2s quickly convert from protective mesh motorcycle pants to stylish cargo shorts in a matter of seconds. From a protective standpoint, Olympia constructed a chassis of 500D Dupont Cordura and ballistic mesh panels with adjustable CE rated Motion Flex armor at the knees. Adjustability will not be an issue as the EZ hem bottom allows for 6" of hemability in addition to waist cinching.

These pants will get you through some significant lengths of freeway or enduro rides, treks through the hills, even a day at the workplace.

Check out our detailed video review above.

Next up are the Olympia Ranger 2 Overpants. We think these as a great option for anyone looking for a rugged ADV Touring pant that will stretch you close to four seasons with the exception of the extremely blazing summer heat.

Olympia designed the Ranger 2 Overpant to combat the coldest, most miserable conditions you'll see on a motorcycle. The outershell is built with coated 500D Dupont Cordura with 1500D ballistic nylon reinforcements. Within the outershell is a waterproof/breathable seam-sealed membrane that won't allow any of the elements to affect you. Inside, Olympia used a Dupont Thermolite liner that doubles as a standalone pant to keep you warm and insulated. Removable & adjustable CE rated armor, 3M Scotchlite reflective piping, multiple storage pockets, and custom fit adjustability at the waist and hips are just a few more of the features that round out this super-versatile ADV Touring pant.

To compare and contrast the Recon 2s, check out our summer motorcycle pants section.

To see alternatives to the Ranger 2s, check out our winter motorcycle pants section and our textile motorcycle pants section.

Also, both of these pants pair up well with any of the Olympia jacket options available.


Thursday, June 10

REV'IT! Cayenne Pro Jacket & Pants Video Review in HD

Many moons ago, a light bulb illuminated in the RevZilla brain trust. Our customers are buying gear online, with only text and images as a guideline; we thought, why not do detailed video product reviews as another helpful tool for our loyal RevZillains?

A few days later, RevZillaTV was born. And the REV'IT! Cayenne Pro Jacket & Pants was the very first product we featured eight long months ago. The audio was terrible, the resolution was brutal, and the guy on camera was freestyling it handheld-style. It was bad. But it was a big the first step for us.

Seeing as this outfit is the most bomb-proof, weatherproof, all-season monster of ADV Touring, we felt the onus of giving it due justice with our new and wildly-improved production quality.

With no further adieu, I present the REV'IT! Cayenne Pro Jacket & Pants RevZilla video review, parts I & II, in glorious HD.

Part I: The Detailed Review

Part II: Armor & Liner Breakdown

The videos speak for themselves. Some highlights from customer reviews for this REV'IT! beast at RevZilla: "excellent" "rugged" "liner is incredible" "a truly remarkable jacket" "very well designed" "outstanding!" "an amazing jacket."

If you don't want to take my word for it, I understand. Have a look at the two in-depth review videos for application, features, fit and an in-depth liner and armor breakdown. I promise you will be nothing short of astounded.

Check out other textile jackets and textile pants options over at

Until next time,

RetroZilla (aka Nick R.)

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Wednesday, June 9

Dainese New Drake Air Pants: Stay Cool, Stay Safe

The new for 2010 Dainese New Drake Air Pants come as a replacement for the popular Drake Air Pants. They are built for summertime riding, but also offer significant protection compared to some other warm weather options.

Built on an abrasion-resistant chassis of 750 Denier DuPont Cordura®, the New Drake Air motorcycle pants also feature elasticated stretch panels for mobility and fretted fabric for airflow. Directly above each knee is a zip-open panel to keep you cool on those smoking summer days. They also feature removable CE rated armor in the knees and foam hip protectors for safety.

Dainese left nothing at the door when they developed these pants. They pair up well with any one of your favorite summer motorcycle jackets. Also available as women's pants.

You can also see these pants as part of a featured outfit in our 2010 Summer Gear Guide video series.

To compare and contrast, check out our selection of summer motorcycle pants.

Tuesday, June 8

Puma Testastretta II Boots: Finally.

Brand new for 2010, the Puma Testastretta II Boots are impressive MotoGP-inspired riding boots that are functional on the bike and and look great off it. Puma spared absolutely no expense with these boots in terms of style, putting in detailed accents throughout. We've been waiting on the 2010 Puma Boots line since the beginning of the year. From what we see so far, it was well worth the wait.

The Testastretta II has a synthetic leather upper construction, a separated MotoGP-esque aluminum heel, an injected EVA comfort midsole, and an oil-resistant non-slip rubber sole. These boots are gonna give you a moderate level of protection on the bike, but they also look pretty badass under a pair of jeans.

If you don't believe me, watch the video above.

If you want to compare and contrast the Testastrettas with other available options, check out our selection of motorcycle riding shoes.

Monday, June 7

Nexx XR1R Helmet: The New Lightweight Champ

A newcomer to the motorcycle helmet game, especially in the American market, Nexx Helmets has exploded onto the scene with some head-turning products. RevZilla started carrying the X60, their impressive retro-styled open face helmet, and the X30, their futuristically versatile modular helmet, last year.

And now we're pleased to introduce the latest and greatest from these forward-thinking Portuguese developers: the Nexx XR1R Helmet.

At first glance, you might be thinking this helmet looks like a lot of the other everyday sport touring helmets out there. You might be thinking we're jerks for making a big deal about it. That's because you haven't picked it up yet. The weight of this helmet is absolutely mind-blowing. Weighing between 1200-1400 grams, depending on the size and the graphics, this is second only to the Akuma Phantom as the lightest helmet we've ever carried at RevZilla. And they haven't even dropped the carbon fiber version yet (it's coming soon). How is it so lightweight? The Nexx Tricomposite shell, made up of carbon fiber, kevlar and fiberglass. Nexx Helmets developers combined these materials to create a helmet that is not only lean, but super rigid and resilient.

Beyond the weight, the XR1R also features an incredibly wide and tall eyeport for exceptional peripheral view. The liner utilizes CoolMax fabric which is anti-sweat and anti-allergic, and also removable and washable. Another feature that really stuck out to us is the Ergo Padding System, which is a set of pads including with the helmet that have adhesives for easy-install to customize the fit of the helmet to your head shape. That's next-level.

The helmet flows a ton of air and is also super-quiet thanks to the velcro folding flap that fits between your ear and the helmet to muffle ambient outside sounds.

As you can see, there are some cool graphic options (five total) in addition to the six solid colors available.

Check out the full detailed video review of this helmet up top. We bet you'll be impressed.

If you want to compare and contrast, check out our selection of motorcycle helmets over at

Saturday, June 5

RevZillians on the Isle of Man for TT Races!

Today, Saturday June 5th, is the first day of racing at the 2010 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. They’ve been holding motorcycle races on the roads of this tiny island in the Irish Sea, between England and Ireland, since 1907. Over the years all the great names have competed here and the roster of TT winners includes great champions like Mike Hailwood, Giacomo Agostini, Phil Read, 26 time TT winner and legend Joey Dunlop, and current 15 time winner John McGuinness. The world famous 37 mile Mountain Course consists solely of the public roads through the island’s cities and countryside. No special pavement, no groomed track, no wide runoff areas, it’s just the roads that the Manx citizens drive every day. Through hill and dale the course proceeds and then it’s up to the top of Mount Snaefell, the 2000 foot mountain peak that gives the circuit it’s name. There are curbs, there are hedgerows, there are buildings lining the circuit and this iconic race on “real roads” attracts a special kind of competitor who can lap this place at an average speed of over 130 mph! Peak speeds exceed 190 mph and all within just a few feet of the 50,000 spectators who line the course. In recent years the Superstock, Supersport, Superbike and Sidecar classes are all represented as they are this year. After a week of testing and practice the real racing begins today. Learn more about the Isle of Man TT races and see results at Of course, RevZilla’s here at the Isle of Man TT because we’re about all things motorcycle! Where bikes and enthusiasts gather, that’s where we want to be. RevZilla Rocks it Out at the 2010 Isle of Man races!

Friday, June 4

Shoei RF1100 Helmet: Shoei Raises the Bar Again

Wow. Shoei has just created arguably the best sport-touring helmet on the planet as the Shoei RF1100 Helmet replaces the super popular RF1000. RevZilla can get behind this helmet for sure.

Shoei brings 50 years of experience to the construction of this helmet, which they rolled out with the brand new Snell M2010 certification. The RF1100 boasts countless features that were native to the RF1000 but loads even more into an already top-of-class helmet.

I'm not gonna go too deep in this post, but there are a couple upgrades I'd like to touch on. The rear spoiler is now streamlined into the actual helmet construction, rather than bolted on as was the RF1000's. The RF1100 comes in five shell sizes as opposed to three for its predecessor which means that as you go up in size, rather than simply making cheekpads bigger, the size of the entire helmet is changing. This means it's going to fit snugly and very comfortably.
The exhaust vents are improved as well: the built-in spoiler now allows for a total of four top exhausts. In other words, this helmet flows serious air. It also has a taller and wider shield, the CW1, which features the QRSA (Quick Release Self-Adjusting) spring-loaded base plate system. Spring-loaded essentially ensures even contact with the window beading for complete wind and waterproofing.

Man. I said I wasn't gonna talk too much about it. I lied. I guess that shows how obviously amped-up we are about this helmet.

The RF1100 is game-changing. If you want more details, make sure you check out the video at the top of this post.

And if you want to browse through its competitors, check out our selection of Snell M2010 Certified Helmets.

Keep your brainbox safe.
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